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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thrifty Thursday - Favorite Things

These favorite things
Were free to me,
And that's as thrifty
As thrifty can be!!!

I've shared pictures of this little stool before.
It was made specially for me by one of my room moms.
Every time I show it, it gets RAVE reviews.
I love it.

My parents got this carnival glass tumbler
Out of a box of soap, Fels Naptha I believe.
As a child I always chose to drink from it,
So years ago my parents gave it to me,
And now instead of using it,
I keep it in a place of honor
Amongst my other treasures.

Double your treasure, Double your fun
Two freebies here instead of just one!!!

The cream and gold plates
Were the "good" dishes of my maternal grandparents.
The cups and saucers
Are from my Great Aunt Elsie.

Violets again.
My maternal grandparent's cheese dish.

My paternal grandmother's gloves.
I believe the little rose teacup on the left
Was a gift from my friend
Who also happens to be an antique dealer.

My father found this cabinet in the basement.
It was glassless and covered with layers of
Red and Black lacquer paint.
Dad "cleaned it up" (that's what he said)
And gave it to me as a toy cabinet.
It has NEVER been a toy cabinet in our house.

Aunt Martha's china set.
She used to work at Ward's (remember THAT place?)
Where she purchased these dishes.
The pattern is "Mildred."
She noticed one day that I love china things
And these dishes came here to live with me.

Tassels and Teasels
Which I cut myself
In the field across the street
And stuck haphazardly in this urn.

And that is my entry for this week
In Leigh's "Thrifty Thursday."



Kristin - The Goat said...

I know the Mildred china pattern, my grandmothers name was Mildred so it sort of stands out :) The little violets on the cheese dish are lovely! and I agree with the others, I love that little stool.

Hope you have a great day!
Kristin (The Goat)

Brenda said...

And they're extra special when handed down from wonderful family.

Keri said...

But today is WEDNESDAY!!!

And we DID have games in the bottom of that cabinet at one time, didn't we (or am I thinking of Aunt Pam's?)?? Grandpa found it in the basement? He doesn't have a basement!! I'm corn-fused.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

OK, first things first, I got such a chhuckel at your daughter....she sounds just like her momma! LOL!

Keetha, you have quite a beautiful collection. Your ight, I do love that stoll. LOve it. And all of yoru dishes,priceless because they are from family. Finally, that cabinet is a showpiece. FOUdn in teh basement? Like form a previous owner? In any case, a showpiece. I love it!
Thanks my friend Keetha!

j said...

You have SO many pretties! My fav is the carnival glass piece. That is wonderful that you have a memory of using it as a child and it is STILL intact!!

Love the pattern name too - Mildred was my grandmother's name.

Keetha Broyles said...

Keri - - - we did keep your books in the bottom of the cabinet for a while. I had forgotten about the games, though that is possible. I never kept anything as mundane as toys in the TOP showy part - - - that's what I meant.

About finding it in the basement - - - perhaps I should save that for another post. :-)

All the rest of you lovely ladies - - - THANKS so much for coming by and commenting!!! I'm on my way to see YOUR collections now.

Anonymous said...

What awesome treasures and post! You're sure to be disappointed in my sausage and cabbage post!! LOL

Tonja said...

Love all the old china...such history and sweet memories! Beautifully displayed, too. Love the stool!

Anonymous said...

Mercy girl,you dooooo have the treasures.I love them all.That urn is awewsome.and the cheese dish?I remember those glasses too.If there was a glass or a towel in it,we bought it....Ann

groovyoldlady said...

I am in awe of your poetry and pretties. FREE is my favorite price and many of the goodies are got for free are proceless - at least to me!

nancygrayce said...

Love it! I especially love anything family! My mil gave me her first silver and I just treasure it.

Julie said...

I love your collection, and I esp love that cabinet! I think I've mentioned my love of it before. :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Yes Julie - - - I think I may tell it's "story" one of these days.

Anonymous said...

You can't beat FREE! What nice things!

Loved the snow photos on the other post! Are you about done with snow? Maybe not, but I bet you wish you were.


Nancy said...

I LOVE the cheese dish!!

JudyBug said...

Oh what wonderful treasures! Your Floragold tumbler is actually one of the harder pieces to find!