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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Celebration for Mom

Our family gathered today to celebrate mom's 80th Birthday and mom and dad's 56th Wedding Anniversary. Though this was really mom's day, I carefully did not take any pictures of her. I would rather you all remember her as she was a few weeks ago than see her as she is now. I would like to give her that dignity.

Please pray that the Lord takes her gently by the hand and leads her home soon. SOON.

Dad and my sister Pam. This man is indescribable. If I tried to list here all that he does with grace, you would think I was exaggerating. The truth is, no matter how much I wrote I would be understating his true value. Those of you, my dear readers, who KNOW my dad please verify what I say.

Keri. Our beautiful first child and the mommy of our AWESOME grans.

Kyle, our beautiful handsome baby who is a student at Ball State University.

This is Mackinley just after he stuck his finger in the cake icing.

Auntie Pam giving Macky a ride in Grandma Great's wheelchair.

Kayla, Keri, and Little Miss Piper Renae.

Our little princess.

Aunt Pam giving MJ a big squeeze.

Like father, like daughter!!!! I caught these two giggling during GRACE. (Never mind that I also had MY eyes open to CATCH them)


Keri said...

Aren't you goint to say WHY we were giggling?!?

Keetha Broyles said...

You can tell that story - - - go ahead.

Keri said...

I thought it was their 56th? Or was Grandma 15 when they got married?!?!

The story is, Mackinley said "A-MEN!!" really loud after we sung the doxology and during Grandpa's prayer. Guess you had to be there...but it was funny and I do recall that you were also giggling, Mom! :)

nancygrayce said...

Precious family! I admire your daddy so much. Makes me miss my own daddy!

Keetha Broyles said...

It was funny, Keri, and yep I was giggling too.

The number thing was just my dyslexia - - - all fixed now.

Thanks, NancyGrayce. I see you found my friend Betsy's blog!!!

Anonymous said...

What a joy all of you must have been to your mother throughout the years. It must give you a sense of peace now, knowing the good life you've all shared and knowing that your mother has that peace also at this stage of her life. God bless you all....Gwen from "upnorth"

Anonymous said...

Serenaded By Angels

Words & Music by Kirk Talley

She went to sleep, one night, never here to awake again,
But everything was alright between her and Him
So she awoke in Heaven's courtyard, free from pain within
The angels gathered round her, and they took her by the hand

Serenaded by angels, up to the throne,
Serenaded by angels, finally at home
Surrounded by praises to the King
Welcome to paradise, the angels will sing

Now I close my eyes at night and I try to imagine
That City of brilliant light, waiting for me
But my mind can not conceive, so I'll continue to dream
Until I'm transported there, then I will be

Serenaded by angels up to the throne,
Serenaded by angels, finally at home
Surrounded by praises to the King
Welcome to paradise, the angels will sing

Serenaded by angels, up to the throne
Serenaded by angels, finally at home
Surrounded by praises to the King
Welcome to paradise, the angels will sing


Keetha Broyles said...

Thank you Gwen AND Anonymous.

Shannon said...

I agree, your Dad is amazing. He was my prof. in college and now he is a Kids Hope Mentor for me at Lincoln Elementary. He is a Saint.

Shannon White
Kids Hope Director, College Church
aka: shannonofthewoods. : )

Keetha Broyles said...

Thank you, Shannonofthewoods

Indian Lake Papa said...

Beautiful family - beautiful pictures! No wonder why you run out of blog space! lol

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL, thanks Papa. I'm working on that blog space thing!!!