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Friday, August 29, 2008

Table Talk

One of my favorite parts of any family memorial is gathering to eat and fellowship together - - - table talk.

We were blessed with precious table talk yesterday - - -

Cathy and Jeanny

Jeanny and Keetha


Kayla and Korie

Uncle Paul and Aunt Virginia (Dad's brother)

Aunt Mary (Dad's Sister)

Linda, Bob Jr., and Albert Elmer

Phil and Linda chat with Aunt Alice Mae
Aunt Alice Mae is mom's cousin and dad's sister-in-law

Kent and Liana

Turner, Aunt Janet (mom's sister) and Karen

Keetha's and Pam's kids

From another angle


Anonymous said...

Hi Keetha,
First, I want you to know that I have had you and your family on my mind and in my prayers a lot lately. Wish I could be there to see you all. I remember you talking about Uncle Dave and Aunt Kitty. Now, is the the prankster, Uncle Dave? If so, it's good to put a face with his name after all these years!
Please give my love to your family.
Take care,
Terry in NC

Keetha Broyles said...

Yes Terry, this IS my prankster uncle. The Jeanny pictured in this Table Talk post is their other daughter. We, the entire extended Heavilin family, are basically in shock over Aunt Kitty. We just didn't see this coming and it is breaking our hearts.

Thanks for thinking of us.

Kathy (Pearson) Troyer said...

The picture of the guys in white shirts brought back memories of our family at Paula's memorial service. Family moments are definitely priceless.

Korie looks so much like your sister!

Beautiful family!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh Kathy - - - it is really funny that you should say that!!!! Genes are a funny thing - - - offspring are such a mix of heredity. We've always thought Korie looked like Greg's sister, Jeany.

Keri said...

Whoever Korie looks like...she literally took my breath away when I saw her that day...she is so beautiful!!!

It was so AWESOME to be able to see family and friends I haven't seen in years! Grandma's service was wonderful and I felt like she was with us all day.

Keetha Broyles said...

Amen to everything you said, Keri.

Today the memorial in Wisconsin was really lovely too.

Cousin Doug D gave us all a HUGE scare though - - - he passed out just before the service started, and then again during the dinner. We had to send him by ambulance to the ER. We think it was an allergic reaction to something.

Keri said...

Oh my goodness!! I hope he's ok! Keep me updated, please! Even if it's texts from Aunt Pam!

Keetha Broyles said...

They released him from the hospital - - - he's going to stay overnight up here. If I hear any more I'll let you know.