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Friday, August 29, 2008

To Rockford and Beyond - - -

Today Dad, Pam, and I traveled to Wisconsin for mom's memorial and interment here. That will be tomorrow - - - but today, on the way, we stopped in Rockford to see Aunt Kitty, dad's youngest sister.

About three months ago I posted that Aunt Kitty had been diagnosed with cancer. Now, it appears that Aunt Kitty is losing that battle with cancer, and unless the Lord intervenes she will not be with us much longer.

Today was the first time dad got to see Kitty since she was diagnosed with cancer.

But God is good - - - He has given us a precious new life, a perfect little boy, Aunt Kitty's latest grandson. What joy he is bringing to her, and to us, in this difficult time.

Aunt Kitty holding Caleb Michael

I TOLD you he was perfect!

Uncle Dave, the proud grandpa

Sister Pam chats with Uncle Dave

Two of Aunt Kitty's girls
Jenny, Caleb's mommy, and Joscey


Anonymous said...

The experiences surrounding the passing of your mother and the situation with Aunt Kitty remind me of the verse that says "we do not mourn like those who have no hope". We know this is just a temporary loss, not a permanent loss!

Keri said...

My whole life I have looked up to Joscey and I always thought she was so pretty...and she is still GORGEOUS!!!

That baby Caleb is PRECIOUS!

nancygrayce said...

I agree with Don C. above.....we do grieve and some days worse than others, but we know that we will see them again and that they are with our Jesus! What more could anyone want? I continue to keep you and yours in my prayers.

Keetha Broyles said...

Thank you Donny and Nancy Grayce for these thoughts. I just shared them with both Pam and Dad.

Keri - - - Joscey is certainly a lovely lady.

Deb said...

Nice pictures Keetha. Just wanted you to know I stopped by. I did post but then deleted it the next day - I'll get another one today or tomorrow - I have something to post about.

Keetha Broyles said...

Why in the WORLD did you delete, Deb??? I never got to see it!!! I'm up here in WI and haven't been able to check quite as many blogs as quickly as I normally do.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

continued prayers for you and your fmaily Keetha!