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Thursday, January 29, 2009

When You Wish Upon a Star - - -


Homecoming Week Day Four - Disney

Remember the "Crafty Diva" from a few days ago?
I was "compiling" my costume for Disney Day,
The Queen of Hearts!

My class all dressed as my "hearts."

I had some LOVELY pictures of all of us,
But due to technical difficulties
This is all I can show you right now.
If I get the difficulties worked out,
I'll show the whole group later.

But don't we look cute together???

Mickey Destinee and Aslan Samantha

Minnie Courtney and Tigger Reagan

Cinderella Sarah and Hannah Montana Charlene

Teachers play too.

Mickey Lou Ann, Goofy Becca, Goofy Jennie, et Moi



Keri said...


Sherry said...

Cleaver costumes! They look like they are having fun! And the kid in the red hearts and CROWN looks mighty happy, too! ;)

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

You are always having so much fun! Have you had enough snow yet?

Keetha said...

I don't know about "enough." We have about a foot on the ground. That's lovely - - - but three feet would be even lovelier!!!