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Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun Little "Bits" And Random Odds and Ends


You know, when you go on a trip, it really is a good thing if you remember to pack your britches. . .

Otherwise you'll have to spend part of your first morning in a store very much like this replacing what you forgot to bring.

This is totally hypothetical you understand, and offered purely as a warning to others who might not be as good at packing as I am. ;-)

Today hubby and I managed to make a 45 minute trip in about three hours. We're just talented like that!!!

Here's the scoop: there was a terrible wreck on the road we needed to take. After waiting for a LONG time, impatience took over and we decided to go another route. The "new" route was miles and miles longer and took us through miles and miles of "real" Florida (mangroves) as seen above.''

That's how hubby got to spend his "free" time out of class this afternoon.

If you went to Florida and rented a cute little car like this, you'd EXPECT the "tag" (that's southern for license plate) to be from . . .

How did that happen?

Florida wildlife.
Is it flora or fauna?

Oh go fly a kite!!!!



haley said...

YAY for having a general motors product for your rental car!!!! WOOHOO!

Keetha Broyles said...

Out of all that - - - me forgetting to pack my britches, Us spending the DAY trying to get about 40 miles, the Texas plate, the beautiful kite, and the big green bug - - - and all you NOTICE is the GM car????!!!! Spoken like a true Michigander.

grammy said...

Which road did you take to by-pass wreck? Did it really take 3 hours??? Barbara had just told me it took them an hour now just to go to Ft. Myers.

They have "rush HOUR" in S. Fla. & we have "rush MINUTE" in N. Fla. Ha!!!

haley said...

spoken like a true general motors girl! my dad worked there for 33 years... just retired from there last july! i notice that stuff ALL the time! :)

Keri said...

Is that YOUR purse in that cart??

Keetha Broyles said...

Mom, we started heading to the Naples Condo at about 1:30l, couldn't get to 41 on Collier, so turned back into Marco and went round by Goodland bridge. We were at the Naples condo for about a half hour, then headed right back and got Greg to the Marco Marriott by 5. And THAT is how long it took us.

Keri, it is a little VB backpack that was given to me for Christmas by one of my students and yes, on this trip I'm using it as a purse so I can carry a book with me on the plane etc.

Anonymous said...

thats just my luck,want to show off where you are and it's dif tags....grrrrrr...Ann