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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fossil Appreciation on Earth Day


This is a portion of "my" class.

When I say they are "my" class
I mean I am their class sponsor,
And have been for three years.

Several years ago they started
Making jokes about my age - - -
All in good fun you realize,
And I laugh when they ask:

"Mrs. B, what was it like to live
With the dinosaurs?"

"When were you born? - - -
At the beginning of time?"

"Do you remember when the automobile was invented?"

"Were you friends with George Washington?"

Well - - - you get the idea.

One day last year they came into my room
And I could tell right away they were proud
Of themselves for something.
One of them came up front
And presented me with a card
They had made.
On the outside of the card it said:

(And they didn't mean the watch)

Today in class someone said
That I had evolved from
A "Keethasaurus" all the way up to human.

To which this young man,

Whom I call Texas, said - - -

"How ironic is it that the ONE
Creature who is living proof of evolution
Doesn't believe in it?!?"

This is why I teach - - -
To be living proof of SOMETHING.



I can't find my blog said...

Yes, and for bloggable moments like this.


Keetha Broyles said...

You know, Headless - - - when he said it, I stopped class, asked if I could write it down for my blog, and did so!!!

Oh - - - they all know I blog, it's a big joke with them. But guess what??? SOME of them come and look at my blog - - - so who gets the last laugh????

Kristin - The Goat said...

Are you wearing a tiara?

Oh goodness, I laughed right out loud at Fossil Appreciation Day. How funny.

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL Kirby - - - YES I was wearing a tiara. That picture was taken during homecoming week on the "Disney" theme day. I was dressed as the Queen of Hearts and all the kids were my playing card soldiers. That was actually Texas' idea because when they argue about my "calls" during a game I always say: "You're forgetting who's the QUEEN."

haley said...

HAHAHAHA! can i please go all benjamin button and be in school again? i want you to be MY teacher!

angspoke is my word veri! made me laugh for some reason lol!