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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Oh The Places You'll Go"


Thank you Dr. Seuss for the loan of the title.

Here are a few of the places these
Feet have taken me in the past couple of days:

Loren, this stop was just FOR YOU!!!
Well, it was for eating too.

(If I look half dead it's 'cause I was.
That camera didn't lie)

The Snook Inn had fun riverside dining.
Unfortunately for us,
A storm she was a brewing last evening,
So we opted for the indoor
DRY dining experience.

While we waited to be seated,
We did scope out the dock area.

Even an incoming storm
Can make for a beautiful picture,
Don't'cha think?

Oh, and look there across the water,
Sister Pam's condo towers!!!

Today for lunch we went here:

The Dock Restaurant in Naples.

Where they serve great
Grouper fingers
As pictured above.

And here's what you've all been waiting for,

Hubby had the fried seafood combo
(I stole a couple bites - - - YUMMY)

And as promised before I even came to Florida,
I had the Shrimp and Crab Louie.



Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Oh, the food looks fabulous and so do your shoes! I love them! Sorry you had to have this yucky cold, cold, unflorida like weather while your here. We were freezing, but maybe it doesn't feel too bad to you.

I'm glad to see your having fun!


Keetha Broyles said...

Kim, I paid $3 for the sandals at Dollar General!!!! Can you believe it??? It does feel cold to us since we've been here lots of times and EXPECTED much hotter weather - - - but I'm not complaining, we missed the SNOW they had at home.

Keri said...

WHOA those shoes came from Dollar General?!? They are super cute! The food looks YUMMY!

Why were you half dead??

Keetha Broyles said...

I didn't feel well that day.

Anonymous said...

You know my love affair with food pix, LOVE these!YUM!!!!!!Great job!!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Grouper fingers? hahahaha

In Jacksonville, FL - we have a freeze warning for tonight! I'm curled up in my long pants, long sleeved shirt, socks and a small down lap blanket draped over me and I've still got the chills. I certainly hope you don't get the freeze warning.

Love the sandals. :) I think that's a Thrifty Thursday post!

Damselfly said...

Looks as though you're having (had?) fun. Reminds me of one time I photographed my breakfast on vacation on Sanibel Island. It was just beautiful!

Sherry said...

You must be having a great time!

Love the sandals. Are you sure it was Dollar General? They're too pretty to have come from there.

BTW, your 2009 feet look great! :)

j said...

Cutie poo shoes! All of those places sound really good. And you don't look half dead - I think you just look a little mellow :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Kirby - thanks for responding to my grouper fingers joke. I think that picture is hysterical, but you're the first to mention it. Yes, it is rather chilly here too - - - 56 right now, but in the condo I don't need a blankie.

Sherry - Yep, I'm positive. Dollar General, $3, end of season last year on clearance table.

Dust Bunny - It wasn't mellow, it was half dead, I promise!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

YUMMY pictures...all of them! And I think you look fab-you and your feet! Your feet took you some great places!

Jerri junque said...

Oh how I want to go to the beach this summer and looking at your seafood pics, makes me want it more.....

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great time.the crab louis looks so i'll have to go see what's in the fridge.i'm pretty sure theres NOT one in there.
your feet are pretty.and i love your sandels....ann

Martin LaBar said...

Oh, dear. Food pornography.

Shannon said...

I love your toes and your sandals!

The Hollands said...

That is one fine looking salad. Makes me hungry for greens.

Chandy said...

Love this post Keetha, as I just enjoyed some great seafood restaurant food as well! I love the water... I can't wait to go on some beachfront vacation spots this summer!

Keetha Broyles said...

Dr. LaBar - - - food PORNOGRAPHY!?! Oh my, never heard of THAT.

Anonymous said...

my shoes would've been white too.the pics i found today are vintage.but i couldn't find any white patten shoes or fluffy dresses.remember ours had layers and layers of fabric and alot with pretty little sleeves.only one or 2 of these has sleeves.i was disappointed,but it was the best i could do....ann

Betty Jo said...

Cute sandals! The food makes me hungry, and I just finished dinner! Yep, food porn for sure. Thanks so much for the photo Blogger tips. I do resize, but also have my own domain where I could upload them if necessary, as well as an account with PhotoBucket. ♥