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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Food and Friends


We ate lunch today
At the Bass Pro Shop restaurant.

I'd rank it way up on the list
Of the places we've tried since we've been here.

The ambiance was
"Old Man and the Sea"

I kept expecting Ernest Hemingway
To walk in at any moment.

I truly DID intend to take pictures
Of our food, which was also excellent,
But I forgot.

I did however remember
To get a picture of the friend part - - -

Craig, a former student of mine
Who is now in college down here,
Joined us for lunch.

For supper we went to:

Pelican Bend at Isle of Capri.

While we were waiting to be seated - - -

We met Nancy and Don
Who invited us to join them at their table.
What a treat to make new friends.

And this food was far and away
The best we've had this trip.



Pam said...

Guess we'll have to give both of these places a try. Joe & I have eaten at the Fish Company in Islamorada - in fact, it was so good that we ate there 2x in the span of a 5 day vacation.

Were Nancy & Don locals, snowbirds or vacationers?

Keetha Broyles said...

Yes, Nancy and Don were a combination of all of the above.

grammy said...

It's always fun to make new friends. That looks like a better portion of the GOOD stuff!!!

Keri said...

Y U M!!!!

I wish you could bring some home to me! LOL :) Pretty sure it would be gross and soggy tho by Sunday! HA