Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

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For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Ask and Ye Shall Receive - - -


Several of you have commented about my football flip flops. I believe I even heard a little bit of envy going on!!!

Well, I got them in a little shop at Tin City in Naples, Florida. Probably MOST of you don't want to go that far just to get a pair. Good thing, 'cause the shop is going out of business, and when I was there a couple of weeks ago they didn't have any more football flips.

HOWEVER, if you look here, I believe you will be able to order a pair for yourself!!! Oh, and if you don't enjoy football flip flops, don't let THAT deter you - - - they have a plethora of fun styles that have absolutely NOTHING to do with football.

Have fun!!!



Shannon said...

That's so awesome!!!! Those are perfect for you!

KBeau said...

Those are so cute. Flip flops come in such cool styles, but it's been so long since I've worn them that I would have to get used to that thingy between my toes all over again.

Char said...

Speaking of FOOTBALL, Aaron Corp, former Lutheran High Lancer will be the starting quarterback for USC in the fall. He'll be a Junior. Matt Barkley, the Mater Dei superstar from this year's high school season has joined USC early and will be on the team, too. Much fun ahead!

Our hard core fan friends are already going to the skirmishes.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Ok the flip flop link is being sent to my daughters -- they will flip over these ...umm... flops?

Love the football feet, very chic. (Nice toenails, too. I am impressed. Mine look like ... well, don't ask and I won't tell.)


Lori E said...

Too funny.
I am glad you are following me. Welcome to my silly world. Ah yes the Cabin stories. There are 8 of them so far. I am not there very often but my BB (big burly) guy is there as much as possible. I am a total city girl. I just started this blog this year so I have had to rely on him for the pictures and quite honestly he take the same ones over and over.
"yes dear that is a lovely picture of a snowmobile in the snow"
"oh look another one of the snow and this one has a snowmobile in it" You get the picture? (pun intended)
I will be there this Mother's Day...only because it is a stopover on the way home from a wedding. I will try to remember to take some better pictures to use and might even have some more Cabin Stories that are suitable for print.
Talk to you soon.

ashley said...

p.s. i keep forgetting to mention....i found your blog through the troyers. i don't have links to their blogs on my blog, but i went to the same high school as the "troyer kids." i hope that solves the mystery :)

j said...

ROLL TIDE! I need those shoes!

(You have pretty feet. Mine are very veiny - ugh. And my saying you have pretty feet is not weird at all because I used parenthesis)

Keetha Broyles said...

Thanks to all of you for talkin' hot flops with me.

Lori E - - - you got me with your blog title. I R 1 O those nuts. Can't wait to see the cabin(s)

Ashley - - - thanks for letting me know the connection!!! Ah the Troyers - - - how I LOVE them. Kathy and I are long lost twins.

Dust - - - LOL about the foot comment and even MORE LOLs about it not being weird 'cause it's in parenthesis!!!! My feet look pretty good for an "old girl" but can't say the same for my hands. That's why you won't see many HAND pictures on ye old blog.

KBeau said...

Got the Go Hogs flip flops from the Alumni Assn. I have heard that they also make some with Bride and Groom on them. That would be great for a beach honeymoon.

Keetha Broyles said...

Or a beach wedding!!!!

Betty Jo said...

Oh how cute! You sure come up with unusual finds. Yep, even in TN we know a Hoosier cupboard when we see one. It's in great shape too. There are several scattered around the store, if they haven't been sold already. The good ones don't last too long around there. ♥

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm sure they don't!!!! My sister has one and I confess I've felt some bitter twangs of envy over it!!!!

I do need to find an antique cabinet with glass in the doors so I can display MORE of my china because I have A LOT of it stored in boxes and that's just not acceptable!!!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Cute! And sooo Keetha!