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Thursday, March 15, 2012



On Third Street in our town stands this stately old home.

When I was growing up here, it housed our public library. I don't remember wondering, back in those days, about its previous history as a family home.

Since moving back to town I have, however, thought often about what stories this old house could tell of the family or families that once lived within its walls. Today I found a bit of the story.

In 1907 Isaac Witter had this house, which they called Shadowlawn, built for his wife and little son Jere. They are the only family that ever lived here.

Isaac inherited the Rapids First National Bank from his father. However, banking was not the driving passion of his life.

He maintained a close friendship with a college friend, George Mead. Together they formed a partnership which was very beneficial to this community and included - among other things - the founding of the paper mill that would be the bread and butter of this town for generations to come.

Isaac was married to Charlotte. I wish I could have talked to Charlotte and heard all the stories she had to tell. Unfortunately she died when I was only two and that was years before we moved to this town.

Fortunately, Charlotte left behind a poem which conveys quite a bit of how she felt about this stately old home.

The rest of the words of this post are hers.


At Shadowlawn the days are long,
The nights are cool and sweet,

The river pours its endless flow
Right by my door,
And when I go
A-walking down the street
I feel its movement,
Sense its life
Its motion swift and fleet.

At Shadowlawn the elms are old,
Their branches strong and green;
In the depth of their shade the air is cool,
In the heat of the room,
Or the evening gold,
As the sun sets over the pool.

The birds awake early at Shadowlawn,
Sing their songs of praise

Ere the sun is up
Or the morning rays
Have met the darker shades of dawn
In the leafy branches of Shadowlawn.

And then there are memories that come
To us at Shadowlawn

Some are poignant,
Some are glad,
Some are joyous,
Some are sad,
And some are dim,

But many are clear;
They make up the fabric
That holds us fast

In the spell of the present,
The joy of the past
At Shadowlawn, so dear.

-- Charlotte Witter

Over the next few days I plan to show you more of the interior of Shadowlawn.

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Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Keetha,
Thank you so much for sharing Shadowlawn with us, and taking us on a tour of this gorgeous estate and scenery.

Happy VTT!

LV said...

Enjoyed the grand tour of this stately place and learning so much history.

Unknown said...

I need a moment to collect my jaw from the floor. Wow -- what a grand an gorgeous manor! Thank you so much for sharing pictures and its story.

Unknown said...

Beutiful house and poem! I would love to have a river running near my door!

Keri said...

WOW! It's gorgeous. I can almost see her in her hooped skirt going about her business in her beautiful estate.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What a beautiful place. The architecture outside is beautiful, but inside is breathtaking. Those stairs are amazing works of art. Thanks so much for sharing her with us.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

How neat, I love seeing old houses. I can see it as a library. What is it now?

Lori E said...

Oh my gosh that is a beautiful home. I am decorating it in my head.

nancygrayce said...

I'd love to live there! It is so beautiful and her poem shows her love of the place!!!

podso said...

Beautiful house. Wondering abt the name. Trees on the lawn, or the way the sun faces the house to cause shadows?

Theresa said...

Oh how beautiful! I would love to visit there someday:) Hope you are having a wonderful Friday dear Keetha, HUGS!

Ann in the UP said...

Like they all said! Gorgeous, and thanks for sharing Shadowlawn and Charlotte with us. I'm glad she was a writer and could give us a little peek into what living there was like for her. The river is beautiful! Too.

Erin said...

What a beautiful home and it must have made a wonderful library!

Holly said...

Such a beautiful home! Have you ever thought of naming the home you live in? I have, secretly. Heh!

Those are some wild eggs in your basket in your header! Love 'em.

{oc cottage} said...

howwwwwwwwww awesome! thx!!!!

m ^..^

tinajo said...

Such a beautiful house - and I love the old pics and her poem! :-)

lilmomma said...

what a beautiful place!!! I love that staircase! Now THAT is an entrance! P.s. thanks for the words of encouragement and the worrd verification is off just for you! Lol :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The home is beautiful. Wow! Thank you for sharing the history that you found and the poem by Charlotte Witter. Love all the photos.

Vidya Sury said...

I did read this, Keetha. So beautiful. The walls must have so many stories to tell. Thank you so much for sharing. I get a real nice feeling reading the poem.

( :-) I always follow all the links in a post :D)

By the way - its such fun to read bbblogland - I am in love with Boris and Hilda!

Anita Johnson said...

This place is amazing...I'm enjoying your tour on the other post too...a bit colder here today...and I don't like it! (o: