Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

All I know is that after 7 plus years of blogging and a different lappy, which I don’t like, I seem to have lost my blogging fervor.

Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Long Ugly Hairs on My Pinnas and 10 Other Bits of Randomness


Daughter Keri tagged me with this "Elevensies" game.

I don't wanna lie - - - I won't be playing this exactly by the rules! But I WILL give you 11 random facts about myself and I will answer Keri's 11 questions.

* * * * * * * * * *

Eleven Random Facts About Me

I HATE music that automatically blairs out at me on someone's blog.
I wear slacks all winter long, therefore I don't shave my legs 'till spring. It's about time.
Everyone picks on me within five minutes of meeting me. Even toddlers.
In spite of this, or maybe because of it, I laugh easily.
I love Wisconsin Badger football. (OK - so that isn't so random as you all probably already KNOW that one.)
I love to keep my cupboard doors closed to hide my messes.

For me a tablescape is a bag of carry-out on the couch.

Once I did a blog post about my Magic Bullet - pictured above.
Long hairs grow on my pinnas. (look it up)
Ditto coming out of my nares.
I am required to know where Fisherhubby has laid down his reading glasses, 'cause he sure as shootin' "ain't" gonna know!

* * * * * * * * * *

Eleven Questions from Keri:

1) What was my first job?
Babysitting for my youth pastor, whose kids are now almost as old as I am - - - figure THAT ONE out!

2) What is my passion? College football, especially the Wisconsin Badgers. Woooot!!

Oh, I KNOW I should give a long spiritual answer - - -and believe me, I do want to serve the Lord with my whole heart. But I also absolutely adore college football, and if you don't, then don't MENTION it to me, 'cause I'll be off and running on a long football discourse.

3) Introvert of Extrovert? HA!!! What do you think???? This isn't even close.

4) First car? I MARRIED my first car - - - - it was a maroon and black louvered fastback 1965 Ford Mustang whose heater didn't work. Hubby traded it in on a brand new white 1975 Mustang, which decision he still to this day says was a mus-take!

5) How do I unwind? A book, a college football game watched curled up in my recliner down in my football cave, or watching DVRed shows, mostly Food Network or crime solving shows. 'Cause, you know, watching all those gory murders is so relaxing.

6) Do you hang your TP over the top, or down the back? There really is only ONE right answer to this question, and of COURSE I do it the ONLY right way - - - DOWN THE BACK. Oh yes, and I've done blog posts on THIS subject too!

7) What do I believe? I believe in one God who not only created us but also gave His One and Only Son to die for our sins, and who wants EACH of us to accept by grace His free gift of salvation and become His sons and daughters.

8) Where do I dream of going? I'd like to visit Maine and eat my fill of lobster, preferably sitting right on the shore gazing out at the ocean. I'd love to visit every nook and cranny of Scotland, Ireland, and rural England.

9) Do I like orange foamy circus peanuts? Bleeeech NO!!! That was even a difficult question to TYPE.

10) Do I wear socks to bed? Not very often, though I have been known to do it when my feet were freezing.

11) How do I hope to be remembered? As a person who brightened the corner with her smile and by letting Jesus' light and love shine through her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now, I am supposed to name 11 folks to play along.

BUT, I "ain't" a gonna do it.

Instead - if you are reading this, (and thank you for that!) are looking for some bloggy fodder, and would like to play along, consider yourself tagged by me. Just list 11 random facts about yourself and then answer the following eleven questions.

Tagging more bloggers is entirely up to you. Linking your elevensies post back to me is also entirely optional.

* * * * * * * * * *

11 Questions from Me to You:

1) When was the last time you felt like a bull in a china closet?
2) What is your current number one pet peeve?
3) What do you hate more, mice, spiders, or snakes?
4) Coulrophobia, yes or no? (GOOGLE IT)
5) Which do you prefer, the book or the movie?
6) Which was the last foreign country you visited?
7) In high school were you popular, unpopular, or just lost in the masses?
8) Is your vocabulary stellar, mediocre, or "what's a vocabulary"?
9) What's your favorite season?
10) When you are busy, do you want music playing?
11) If you are going into the wilds to enjoy nature, do you take your ipod?



podso said...

Hilarious! And I like your list of questions at the end. re. pinnas, when our kids were little, one, sitting next to an older gentleman guest at the dinner table, must have been studying him from the side and piped up, "Do you put seeds in there to make that hair grow?"

Circus peanuts? My fav. My dad's too. All that pure sugar, yum!

Theresa said...

Well, I knew some of this about you:) I don't like the music on blogs either AND the word verification! I enjoyed reading this! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Erin said...

You crack me up! I personally LOVE circus peanuts! My Grandfather was on oxygen when I was little and I was afraid to go near him because of all machinery. He would keep circus peanuts in his shirt pocket so I'd come and see him. :)

Charlotte said...

Hey, are you my long-lost twin sister? I saw myself in the first 2 random facts. I hate the music thing also! I scroll down and cut that crap off as soon as i can! Shave? Not me if I can get by! Would you believe my 82 year old mother insists her legs must be shaved before she goes to the Dr? I cannot get her to understand that if you don't shave constantly,it's not that noticeable!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Fun post Keetha! I hate circus peanuts icky! You are so funny and yes I had to look up Pinna! hugs, Linda

Ann in the UP said...

I can't wait to answer those! check me out later on!

But circus peanuts? In the same category as Peeps. Yuk!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

My first car was a 1968 Mustang and I agree about the leg shaving!!!!

shannon i olson said...

well that was just fun! I love circus peanuts...and Peeps, do you like them? and I absolutely love your tablescape!! too funny!

momto8 said...

well hello! and nice to "know" a fellow blogger. It is fun to read these posts.
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can,... i don't have music playing.

Keri said...

YAY! Thanks for playing along, Mom! :)

I thought it was interesting all your places you want to go are places I want to go, too.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I don't think I have picked on you Keetha! Just sayin.
The leg shaving thing made me laugh...oh you are hoot my friend!
I may try this soon on another post.
I've been to Maine and it is so wonderful... go when you can!
Hugs friend,

Dan said...

ROTFL! Your too much!!! :)