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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wherein Our Badger State Adventures Begin


Early this morning dad, Sister Pam, and I loaded our bags into the trunk of dad's car and hit the road heading to Wisconsin.

At first it was smooth sailing, but by the time we reached the northwest corner of the state it was raining pitch forks and hammerheads on us. I thought we'd all be washed away or even worse - - - but I didn't mind 'cause Sister Pam was driving.

About the time we stopped for a potty break and a bite to eat, the rain stopped - - - just in time for me to start driving. Wasn't THAT thoughtful.

I noticed that ONE of us had a mega ginormous purse and the other had an itsy bitsy teensy weensy one. I shan't tell you who belongs to which purse - - - but I WILL admit that the size of the purse is directly proportional to the size of the owner. Furthermore, dad doesn't CARRY a purse and we don't ask if he keeps one in secret. ;-)

The one with the humongous purse defends it by avowing that large is good because it carries so many useful things.

Like, who do you suppose had a full pair of scissors in her purse when dad needed a pair this evening??? Hmmmm??? Mega purse or mini pouch???

And besides, can you see who stowed away in the satchel and will be makin appearances in some future Wisconsin posts?

I rest my case - - - the case of whomever may happen to have the oversized handbag.

Turd Furgeson also made the trip. He is very handy at nap time, isn't slimy nor scaly, and is very quiet.

We arrived at our first Wisconsin destination - - - Eau Claire - - - by five PM where we gladly crashed into our hotel room.

Pam continued texting. (There MIGHT be a hint about the purse scenario in this photo - - - maybe)

Dad looks young and spry for his 81 years, doesn't he? And just check out those tanned legs. Man, once that guy started wearing bermuda shorts he's taken to them like a duck to water!!!

Well, the adventure is off to a great start. You'll be hearing more very shortly. We've got a few bloggy surprises up our sleeves, the first of which will appear here tomorrow.

Ta Ta For Now - - -



Unknown said...

Wow! Your dad does look incredibly young! and I'm afraid the bear peeking out of your purse gave it away in the first shot!!!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I would have recognized your purse in a heartbeat - it's the one with Brunhilda and Borris!! Ooooh, I'm excited that they went on vacation with you.

Your Dad can't possibly be 81. You can't fool me.

Kristin - Goating you

Anonymous said...

Tell Dad his tan legs ROCK!! LOL

I Love a big bag too when traveling. Small bags are for trips to the grocery store only.


shannon i olson said...

Your dad looks great! your purse looks great! YOu always inspire me!!

Anonymous said...

Dad looks amazing for 81, Pam does seem to have a tiny purse beside her, and you crack me up! I can only imagine the 'witty banter' in the car. Poor Dad....he's surrounded. And Turd F is a riot! I supposed you needed him to rest after all that rain they made you drive in!!! Meanies!
Looking forward to your next post you crazy woman!

kyooty said...

I think I just saw a bear? and you know me. I know my bears :p

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The purse is pretty obvious because of the little riders.
Sounds like fun, have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

I think you should just carry a separate bag for all that extra stuff and keep your purse more manageable. I don't think it would be fun to tote that purse into a place to eat. If it fell over, it would take a long time to pick it all up LOL. Oh, I went off on a tangent and what I really wanted to say was HOW FUN TO VACATION WITH SISTER AND DAD!! Safe Travels.

Angie said...

Hey Looka da bear, looka da bear! Or is it the famous lesser yellow nosed badger?

My German friend also uses a titchy little handbag (what you calla purse. Our purse is the bit that holds the money and you can struff it in your pocket). Xhe's a teacher and for work carries a HUGE beat-up leather satchel which is completely stufffed with...well can only assume teachery things like a ball of string, a few paper aeroplanes, a Swiss army knife and a jar of Nescafe instant coffee. In her purse is.....her purse!