Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

All I know is that after 7 plus years of blogging and a different lappy, which I don’t like, I seem to have lost my blogging fervor.

Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Now THIS is a View


Cloudless azure blue skies overhead,

Pine trees and lapis lazuli-blue water at our back,

A cool breeze ruffling our fur,

And a chicken burrito for lunch.
THIS is living!
I guess Miss Keetha is off da hook now.

--- Brunhilda



Linda @ A La Carte said...

So Brunhilda you like chicken burritos? Interesting. Lovely place for lunch!!

★Carol★ said...

You lucky girl. You're in Wisconsin, aren't you?!?!?

Cass @ That Old House said...

You lucky ducks! Or, bears.

Beautiful . . . but you should come to the East Coast and see SALT water for a change. It smells great.

I would get chicken enchiladas especially for you, Miss Brunhilda.

Bruno -- you can stay home.

Your friend, Dion DiPoochy

Brenda said...

Aw, I'm happy that Brunhilda is finally satisfied and I'm sure Borris is happy too.

kyooty said...

Oh that is so beautiful!! the burrito looks yummy too.

Martin LaBar said...

Ah. Wisconsin in the summer. Any deerflies? horseflies? mosquitoes?

Cindy said...

Ah Wisconsin...has it been a year already? Wish I was there! But, we won't be up nort until the last week of July. Wouldn't it be neat if we were there at the same time. I'd stop by and see you, that's for sure.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Look at all of those gorgeous blues and greens. It's a good color for B&B. It shows off their eyes :)

Speaking of eyes - I think their eyes are bigger than their stomachs!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

A gorgeous view indeed!
It sounds like your all enjoying your trip! And the bears, they are having a grand old time!

Jojo said...

Happy summer!

Tonja said...

Beautiful sky
Beautiful water
Beautiful bears

Keep some sunscreen on their noses and the tops of their ears. They won't be so wonderful if they get sunburned!!!

ClassyChassy said...

Love it!!! You are so silly, Keetha!

Lynn said...

Lucky bears!
It looks pretty there!
Are they going to go swimming?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The sky, lake and burritos, sounds like a perfect day!