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Thursday, June 3, 2010

End of School Activities - Part Quattro - Senior Skip Day

A week before school was over, we had Senior Skip Day. We began the skip with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. After breakfast we divided into three groups for a digital scavenger hunt. We ended our day with a pool side cook-out.

These are the pictures of my group: Michael, Emily, and Kristie during the scavenger hunt.

If I can just find my inner Dr. Seuss, it will make this more fun - - -

We set out on a mission
To take photos in a batch.
First we jammed ourselves like sardines
Into Mrs. Broyles' hatch!

We stopped before a water tank
With a Marion Giant on its side.
We took a leap into the air
Before we continued on our ride.

We posed before a church,
There was no pastor there - - -
But upon the roof a steeple
Pointed straight into the air.

We posed before a fire truck
Still parked right in the station.
Joined by a true blue fireman,
The girls dubbed "hottest in the nation."

We arrived at the museum
And posed upon the stair,
We surrounded the "museum" sign
Just to prove that we were there.

Garfield is the product
Of a local "boy" of fame - - -
He was born right here in Marion,
And Jim Davis is his name.

We stopped at a gazebo
Beside the river shore,
Waved into the camera,
Then ran for pictures more!

We needed to find a bird house
As 'round town we did roam.
But when we found this one,
No birdie was at home!

We needed a foreign language
Written upon a sign.
Knowing it means "rodeo"
Makes the bonus mine.
(Ours - - - but that doesn't rhyme.)

Next we stopped on campus
To pose before this wall,
Joined by a total stranger
Who was a resident in this hall!

Finally before a corn field
And with just seconds to spare,
For all the other teams
Already were there!!

And though we didn't win
(Another team's points were more)
We had a fabulous time
Which evened up the score!!!



Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

That looks like so much fun! I love a scavenger hunt! Good for y;all!

Anonymous said...

You didn't win? Oh drat. Said the cat. In the Hat. Why is that?


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was so enjoyable. Can you rhyme every post? Looks like that was a day of fun.

j said...

Well said! The writing was almost... ALMOST... as good as the photos. What a gorgeous group of kids! Fresh faced and ready to take on the world. *sigh* I am four years away from having a senior of my own.

wow, i need chocolate now.

Angie said...

Days.....they'll remember all their lives.

KBeau said...

Love your poetry (and the pictures, too). I have been so busy lately, that I have sadly neglected my favorite blogs, so I do have a question. Please forgive me if you've answered this in a post.

If I remember correctly, your school is closing. So what are you going to do next fall?

Hope you have a fantastic summer.