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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunday Reruns - - - You ASKED for This


A big thank you to Chari over at Happy to Design for hosting Sunday Favorites.

Last week when I posted on Sunday Reruns about Fisherhubby repairing our yard AFTER he killed it, MANY of you asked about the huge fallen tree in the background of some of those pictures.

To be honest with you, weeks ago when I was choosing which posts to repost for Sunday Favorites, I had decided to SKIP reposting this particular one. BUT - - - after all the questions, I have rethought that decision and here, in all its glory, is the post YOU MY BELOVED READERS have demanded.

I did add a few current thoughts in this lovely shade of green so you will be able to tell what is old and what is new.

Enjoy - - -

My Blogging Blues - - -
(First posted on 8/24/07)

Blew away!!!

OK, so I was sitting on the couch a little while ago, watching a Big Ten football preview show when suddenly out of the south west a HUGE gale of wind struck the corner of our house - - - the corner I was facing. One GLANCE out the window curdled my blood, so I RAN to the laundry room and crouched on the floor, still eating my pepper-jack cheese. In a moment I heard hail trying to come through the front door, which terrified me even more and I ran for the pantry where I sat shaking in a heap.

What was Greg, known to most of you as Fisherhubby now, doing during all of this??? Standing at the front door windows looking south west toward the storm, of course.

In a minute or less it was all over.

I came out of hiding and here is a BIT of what I saw - - -

MY wicker furniture blew from my front porch into the yard between our house and the neighbors. Notice in the background the downed tree. You can't really tell in this picture, but the dark end of the tree is where it was uprooted with the dirt still clinging to it. (The white spots are raindrops on the camera lens, not ghosts!!)

Better angle of my poor abused wicker.

Here's what's left of our lovely shade tree. (It was actually on the golf course, but shaded our yard in the morning.) Fisherhubby HEARD it fall, but was looking in the FRONT yard and missed all the action, much to his sorrow. When this is cleaned up, the view from our deck is going to be rather empty and sad. What was I thinkin'???? MUCH of the tree is STILL OUT THERE!!!!!! The "powers that be" on the golf course cut down and carted away the branches, but the spike and the big ole trunk are still there.

So our view now in 2010 isn't EMPTY, but it is sorry and sad as you can see from this current photo I inserted into this post.

This is the edge of that big downed shade tree. Notice all the debris is going away in a semi-straight path. ALL the downed trees are in that same general line, all pointing at each other. Because of that, we think it must have been a small twister which touched down about 30 feet to the east of our house.

The trunk on the left is that same lovely shade tree, but the "spike" behind and beyond it is another tree snapped off on the golf course. We think there are between ten and twenty trees down on the course. Glad that won't be MY clean-up bill!!! Greg's glad that a few of them went, they were always jumping right in front of his golf shots.

Snapped off and pointing at the sky!!! Still out there and pointing at the sky in January of 2010. Perhaps the golf course folks think it's artistic????

I missed the whole Big Ten football preview show!!! Shed a little tear for me!




Diann said...

Oh, such a big beautiful tree gone.

We have serious high winds here on a regular basis. I live right on Lake Erie and have chased my swing from our patio, that was bolted down with rebar, down the road.

Anke said...

I hate Tornadoes! Growing up in Germany we never had to deal with anything like that and I tend to freak out a bit when the weather gets bad. I would haven been crouched right next to you, but without the pepper jack. See my girls would have me grab the dogs, guinea pigs and birds and drag them with us into the laundry room...

Lori R. said...

Getting caught up this morning. I read all the way down to January 16th. I sure wished I had a teacher like you, I might have enjoyed science a bit more. I can tell you truly love your students Queen Keetha.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Keetha! I have missed out on many of your recent posts....but I did just read them all and catch up!

We had damage in our area, very much like yours, about two years ago. We all think it was a tornado, but the really smart weather people were certain it was straight line winds. Those "winds" ripped roofs off all over the place, demolished a Jiffy Lube building, and downed many trees. I think you need to use that tree stump as a focal point in your back yard! You could decorate it seasonally (lights, ornaments, etc) or you could even cover it with blue bird houses or maybe bird feeders! Maybe the golf course folks would get the message. :)

Love your photo as the valentine queen!

Hope you're having a great weekend! Dana

ain't for city gals said...

What struck me funny was that you took refuge in the pantry!!!..My kind of gal!

Lori E said...

We have had some nasty wind storms around here and have huge cedar trees everywhere. Although lots have come down we have been lucky not to be too close to any of them.
That must have been a scary night.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hey Girlfriend...

So glad that you posted about that big ol' tree and how it came to its demise! WOW...I agree with you, thinking that it must have been a little twister to have taken out that big thing...and of course the evident pathway! So thankful that you and your family was okay...that's scary! Sheesh...I wonder why the golf course didn't finish taking those trees out instead of leaving the spiky old trunks? Weird!!! Isn't is amazing how much a place can change, as far as looks goes, with a tree missing? I really do love all of my big trees...they would be sorely missed if something happened to them! Just today...we have some pretty good sized branches laying down on the ground. We are having big time wind here with gusts up in the 60's! Sheeshh...I hate the wind! It looks like we're in a dust bowl here in eastern Colorado today! hasn't blown our outdoor furniture off yet, like it did yours! Ohhh my goodness!!!

Well Darlin', thank you so much for sharing this post and answering all of our questions today for Sunday Favorites!!! Also, thank you for the 40th week Sunday Favorite's well wishes too!!!

Love you Girl!
Chari @Happy To Design

Lynn said...

Wow! The last big windstorm we had took the roof off out barn. Yes you are lucky not to have the clean up bill! Has a golf ball ever come through your window?

Kristin - The Goat said...

Weather is truly amazing. I can't believe that the golf club decided to leave the stumps.

I'm so happy that you decided to listen to the masses and repost this - I was one of the terribly curious. Thank you :)

I don't think I can get used to your husband being called anything but Fisherubby. haha

Kranky Granny said...

Perhaps it is time to get out the old chain saw and carve that stump into some type of sculpture.

There was a house near where I use to live that cut down a dead tree and left a large stump (at least six feet) in their front yard. After several years of just being an eyesore stump the old man that lived there decided to start decorating it. It started one back to school season when he suddenly painted the stump to look line a #2 yellow pencil. Over time it got to where you never knew what you would find when you passed by, and people started to go out of their way to drive by for a look-see. I would always drive out of town guest past the stump because it was always so unique. The stump collected all types of accessories that allowed the art work to become everything from presidential candidates to mascots of the home sports teams to creative tributes to all the holidays.

I wish now that I had gotten into the habit of taking pictures because eventually a roadway expansion caused the old stump to be cut down and paved over.

Yes, time to get creative with that old stump. Perhaps the local high school or collage art department would like to take on the challenge of turning it into a showpiece.