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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bowling Tradition


Last night during the Rose Bowl, I had my annual "Bowl Party." Not sure it quite qualifies as a PARTY - - - maybe a small gathering, a Band of Bowling Brothers.

This is about the fourth time I've had it, so I'm pretty sure that makes it a tradition.

It started with Steve, background, and me watching the Wisconsin bowl game. Steve is now in college, but I've known him since before his birth. Yep - - - I'm THAT good.

With Steve on the couch is his little surrogate brother Nick, whom I have also known since before his birth, who is still in high school. Last year was Nick's first time to join our little Band of Bowling Brothers with one Sister.

This is Adam, who has graduated from college. This was his second experience at a Keetha Bowl. It may be his last as he is moving to Texas and that might be a bit of a commute next year.

Anyway - - - they come over to watch a bowl game and let me fatten them up with pizza, pop, chips, and dip.

Fisherhubby watches the game with us until he gets bored - - - then he migrates out to the garage and his boat. Can you imagine THAT being more fun than a bowl game????



Anonymous said...

Bowl Game Watchin' sounds like a GREAT excuse to surround yourself with some cute young guys!!! :)

I JUST copied that Red Lobster Recipe... I can just feeeeel five more pounds jumping on my posterior when I join your biscuit eating party!!!!

We're veeeerrrry cold in MO the LOW single digits. I'm loving my electric throw more and more EVERY DAY!


nancygrayce said...

Whatever bowl the Gators were playing in.....I just kept yelling "who's winning?" That way I know what mood the husband's gonna be in! He's in a fine mood today!

Keetha Broyles said...

Sugar, NancyGrace - - - they were playing in the Sugar Bowl.

Yes, they ROCKED it out, didn't they?

Anonymous said...

HOW ABOUT THEM THERE BUCKEYES??!!!!! Happy men in this house:)

Lori E said...

One of the Florida Gator mascots is down the street from me right now. I exciting.
He is my friends son and is here visiting for Christmas.
That is my only connection to football of any kind in any country.

Unknown said...

I'm afraid I'm with Fisherhubby. There's lots more interesting stuf than watching football in my opinion! But I'm glad you had fun!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

HI Keetha! Saw the Badgers won. I have my men reporting in to me with your teams scores! Congrats! Looks like a great evening!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like fun. I always do a fun Super Bowl. Of course I am only there for the commercials!