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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Because It Is - - -


Doing so much of this outside:

(graphic from

We are closing up school and going:

(graphic from

An hour and forty minutes early.

(graphic from

I'm telling you - - - it is really coming down out there.

I just have one question - - - Mr. Secretary of Education for the State of Indiana: may we still count this as a day of school???? Please????

We HATE make-up days.

(For all nonHoosier blog readers - - - we have a new Secretary of Education who has done away with half days. He says, "Read my lips, a full day of school is a full day of school." BUT, he does allow a 2 hour delay. Isn't this the same thing????? I mean, really! Later addendum: YIPEE!! the state said it would count as a full day!)



One Gal's Trash said...

Happy snow day and thanks for stopping by.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Drive safe! Maybe tomorrow you can sleep in....

Denise Marie said...

yea, I bet no one's head is in it when you make up snow days. lol

Girl, can you imagine the fun that family has getting those trees out and setting up the wheel lights? What a magic in the air.

Blustery and really cold here in Texas but nothing like what you deal with.

Warm thoughts.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

wow...8-10:30 is considered 1/2 day in NY for some...and it comes with a full day of state aid, too!!

Happy Snow (1/2) Day...we've been driving in crap all week. It hasn't stopped snowing in 8 days and we have over 30"

Aren't new Sup't.s fun?

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Oh man. Keep safe and warm out there in Indiana! Yipes.
(I feel like a big baby, with a fire in the fireplace because it has dropped to 72....)

Kristin - The Goat said...

When I was a kid we never had half days LOL we had to walk 10 miles to school and stand in 5 foot high snow drifts for a bus that rarely ever came.

OK, so I'm being dramatic. Enjoy your nearly full day of school and I hope that you enjoy looking at that snow falling down while wrapped in your snuggie at home. :)

Anonymous said...

lucky you!

Pat Harris said...

Would you believe they called off school because of a snow predicion. We had no snow on the ground at the time. Now tonight we might have an inch, but I doubt it. lol. Thanks for stopping by junkblossoms. Drop in again soon!

Toevs said...

we left early today too. and they've already called a delay for tomorrow.

Brenda said...

Aw, snow days, they were the best!
I homeschool Grace so she doesn't really get all the snow days the public schools may get. She does get to have snow ice cream every time there's a fresh snow tho'...does that count?!

Ann in the UP said...

Here's a little ironic note. Here in the UP (on the southern border, near Wisconsin) we have had no new snow in many days. In fact someone remarked yesterday we could use a little to freshen up the dirty looking stuff.

Please know that I'm not complaining, but we surely have sympathy for those whose lives are disrupted; and we understand the joy of snow days too! Though we don't get many. Now they are more likely to call wind chill days, because it's so cold waiting for the bus.

The Hollands said...

yay...I was hoping it would count for a full day. Had a "lengthy" conversation with my TEENAGE daughter that it would...she still wasn't convinced I knew what I was talking about...imagine that!