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Saturday, January 9, 2010

One if By Land, Five if By Snow - - -


Yesterday morning, after the snow stopped and the gray clouds rolled away,

The sun shone out of a clear blue sky, giving me this view through my classroom window.

Pristine, sparkling, Indiana farm land blanketed in white.

Quite a bit of white, as you can see if you look at the base of this trash barrel. Looks like about 8 inches to me.

Look closely, my camera lens captured a few of the diamonds sparkling on top of the snow! Frost jewels.

At home all is snow quiet too. Not a track in sight. The stillness of a snow covered vista is stillness indeed.

But wait - - - - what's that I hear? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a chain saw????

Are they monsters? Are they masked gunmen? I hope there won't be a massacre tonight!!!

Oh dear, there went my pristine snow and my undisturbed stillness.

Well, they LOOK friendly, making those thumbs up signs!

Ah ha! It's just three of my Super-Students and two of their friends swooping in on their snowmobiles to say hi.

Left to right they are Erica, Evan, Tyler, Emily and Michael.

Stay tuned - - - Emily and Evan say they're coming back today to swoop ME away on one of those machines.

I'll let you know if the "old lady" survives.



Sarah said...

What a fun group of kids you work with! Hope you have a fun day riding in the snow! Hope you'll stop by for a visit. I'm sharing chocolates today. ~ Sarah

Lori E said...

Well if you get a little practice in then maybe my hubby will take you for a ride up the mountain at our cabin.
Me? Are you nuts? I'll be warm and cozy back in the cabin with something warm in a mug. You have a good time now. Buh bye.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the sparkles! That is so darn cute, they really love you.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I hope you got a chance to get on the snowmobile and go for a ride.

I CAN see the jeweled snow! I love how totally flat the world looks with it's been blanketed with snow. One big flat plane. Pretty cool.

groovyoldlady said...

Last spring I spent my first bicycle ride of the season racing snowmobilers.

Yes. Really.

I lost, but now I can't see a snowmobile without getting an almost overwhelming desire to mount my bike and ride. Good thing I resisted today: the windchill was <0º F!!!

j said...

Snow like that cripples us in the South. We just can't function if a white flake falls from the sky.

Your pictures are really pretty!

Martin LaBar said...

I guess you know that you wouldn't have been in school, or even near it, in South Carolina, with that much snow. I think we had a 2 hour delay for a dusting last week.

In other words, I agree with Jennifer.

kyooty said...

Stay away from the barbwire fences and wear a helmet!!!

Holly said...

Beautiful scenes and fun snowmobiling! I'd trade my day here for some o' that!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

soooooooo pretty! Snow has this calm tranquility to it...until the snowmobils arrive! Looks like fun too!