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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We've Got Mail - - -


An e-mail from our world traveler.

He arrived at his hostel in Stockholm safely and is in "currency rate of exchange brutality" shock. He's out moseying around looking for food he can afford.

He's accomplished at living on nothing - - - last summer he existed by selling his blood plasma - - - oh I kid you NOT.



Unknown said...

OK, living on pennies is a commendable talent that I used to have, but sadly no longer possess. I admire his ability to survive and travel by his own means. It is truly inspiring!

brokeintrovert said...

You're a brave, brave mom. I know my daughter will probably want to do something like is in her nature. She is only 12, but I already know something like this will happen or she is going to work for an organization that sends medical doctors all over the place because this is Mary. When this happens, I may need to "blog on your shoulder." I attempted to send you an email about resizing pictures...i was not successful. I will attempt again.

Tonja said...

I know...I know. But, all those cute Americans have to do is flash a smile or two and someone will be willing to feed them.

Ian managed to get an airplane out of Dublin to reopen its doors for him...because it was Christmas Eve and he wanted to get home to see his Mama who he hadn't seen in a month...

They can be very resourceful!

Lori R. said...

Resourceful when they want to be... but they can sure turn back into babies when they want to also.. Cute child you have... and that million dollar smile will get him far... He looks like a man who knows what he is doing, even if maybe he doesn't... his confidence will get him far!

Lori E said...

Wow you guys pay for plasma? Not in Canada. You can only give it away and only after the third degree on your lifestyle and health.

haley said...

hmmm how much did he make doing that? i'm trying to srape up every penny i can and thinking about doing that too!

Kristin - The Goat said...

He's arrived!! Awesome :)

LV said...

I am glad all is going pretty well for you and your son. Your son is probably doing better than you. He is in a lovely part of the world. Let him enjoy it.

xinex said...

I can imagine, value of euro has just gone up too high but he should enjoy it there. It is so pretty. Tell him to bring you home a Kosta boda crystal.Isn't it so nice to hear from him?...Christine

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

"...last summer he existed by selling his blood plasma..."



I have to say, one of my few regrets is not traveling more when I was younger. Good for him! This is the perfect time in his life to do it.

Lynn said...

I love Rosie's shop!
More than that I love Rosie's clothes!

Listen, I knew a lot of kids who lived by selling their blood back in the day.

j said...

I'm so glad that you've heard from him.

And he certainly is industrious.