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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Wanderer Returns


In our district of the Wesleyan Church, we have a wonderful tradition called Family Camp. Family Camp is like Youth Camp only for the whole family. Babies to Grannies - - - you'll find them ALL at Family Camp. In fact, you'll find Grannies that USED to be babies at Family Camp - - - it's a LONG time tradition.

Vivienne, you'll totally "get" this.

I'll be doing several Family Camp posts - - - but this is just the intro so to speak.

For years and years (I have NO CLUE how many) I served on the Family Camp Committee helping plan and conduct the camp. Our family "lived" out here for the entire eight days of camp. Then the Family Camp dates changed and landed right on top of our Wisconsin vacation - - - so for the past four or five years we've missed camp altogether.

This year camp is THIS WEEK and we're home from Wisconsin, so fisherhubby hauled our camper out here for me Tuesday evening and last evening I came out to move in for the rest of the week and weekend.

When I drove up last night this is what I found:

HELLO!!! Someone had parked right on top of my camper carpet - - - in my LIVING ROOM so to speak.

Perhaps it would look better from the other side - - -

Nope. Not a bit better.

And this was my lovely view as I stepped out the front door.

I was flabbergasted. You heard me - - - flabbergasted, perfectly good word which describes perfectly what I was.

Who would do such a thing, and why???? In all my years of camping I've never returned to any campground anywhere to find a CAR in my living room.

I hoped it was a joke.

I hoped the owners would come back and remove said car - - - - CAREFULLY.

Turns out it wasn't a joke - - - it was a bit of a misunderstanding - - - and the best part - - - the car DID go away rather shortly after I arrived and I now have a more CONVENTIONAL view out my front door.

And with that - - - I will leave you with the ANTICIPATION of more camp posts to come.



Deven said...

Hey! I can't believe I missed you at camp! I was there Mon & Tues, gone for my church last night, and kids are sick so I won't be there tonight. Hopefully I'll catch you tomorrow. Where are you in camper-land? Do you know where Shawn & Jacquie Swan's cabin is (close to the playground)? I can find about anything from there. :) There are TONS of people staying on the grounds this year. It's great to see such an active on-the-grounds group.

Lori R. said...

dang, nothing like feeling your space is not your space! Glad they got out of your space!!! No one likes a SUV parked in their living room... have a great rest of the week family camp. It actually sounds like fun, a huge undertaking, but fun!!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I know it's Church Camp and all, so I had to silence that voice in my head that asks, "Did you let the air out of their tires...?"

"Did you write them a note about camping protocol?"

"Did you follow them home and set up your trailer on their front lawn?"

I'm so grumpy about stuff like that! I'm looking forward to reading the series of posts on this.
Did the Bears go too?

Cindy said...

Oh Geeze! I've never had an SUV in my livingroom yet. I hope it never does happen. Whew! I'm so glad that you're ok.

Trish said...

Ooh, I would've been upset to see this too...glad they moved for you Keetha!!!
Just catching up on my reading...First I am praying for your independent world traveling son! Wow! What a guy!
Second...I LOVE your new ring and that pottery shop...I would be browsing that place often.
And your thrifty Aunt Lois..what a lovely keepsake and so full of history! Sounds like a busy week for you...have fun!!!

Lori E said...

First thing that would have happened would have been the underwear and bras drying in the sun all over their car. Then I would have leaned a couple lawn chairs against it. Then I would have...apparently Family camp is not the place for me.
Does not play nice with others.

Connie N. said...

Ohhhh, wish we were going to "camp", Burr Camp that is! Sure miss the tradition! Never thought my children would not be raised at Burr Camp during the summer months! We sure had great times there!

Joy Tilton said...

Nice to see you used your best Camp manners and didn't do any of the shenanagins(sp?)posted here!
joy c. at grannymountain

Kristin - The Goat said...

That is totally something my husband would do -- park on someones livingroom rug and never notice lol

I'm glad you got your space back - but more importantly, I'm glad that you were able to go to both this summer :)

korie said...

yay im excited about camp posts!!

Lynn said...

I am already pretty sure that family camp would not be for me.
Someone parking on my front yard; Over the edge!

Holly said...

Is a Wesleyan church anything like Methodist?

Can't believe someone parked in your living room. And you lived to tell about it.

But did you bring a vacuum for your carpet? That's what I want to know.

groovyoldlady said...

I love the idea of a family camp MUCH better than sending the kids off for a week or two every summer. Our church had a four day camp every Labor Day weekend for years. Alas, we are now too big a congregation to stay at the campground and only go out there for summer baptisms now. Those church family camp togethers are some of our most favoritist memories.

SideNote: I can't believe someone would park that close to your camper! Oy!

Julie said...

Oh my! Family camp looks like a LOT of fun!!

We're going camping this weekend, actually. Yes, I'm camping. With a 3 mo. old. It's all about memories, right?!