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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ambear Alert in the Northwoods


The northwoods crime rate is on the rise. There's been a bear-napping right here at Gull Lake!!!!

But never fear - - - I BELIEVE I recognize the penmanship - - - -


I can't find my blog said...

These posts are absolutely cracking me up. I have a special one just for you in the pipeline!

Connie N. said...

I have a feeling I know who the bearnapper is...he should know better.

Cindy said...

I'm calling my church and putting this on our prayer chain! In Christ, Cindy!

Lori E said...

I am Detective Joe Friday ma'am.
What seems to be the problem here.
You say they are two bears. Yes ma'am.
Black bears. Okay.
Where did you last see the bears ma'am?
In Gull Lake? Were they drinking ma'am?
Just the facts please ma'am.
Don't worry ma'am we will find them. The perpetrators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

grammy said...

I also recognize the "beartracks"!!! When the B&B "adventure" first started & we noticed just how time consuming those bears were, (gasing up, talking with hotel clerk, etc.) my comment to DJ was "before this adventure is over, Ole will be having just as much fun with B&B". That "little boy" is the guilty one!!!

grammy said...

Another clue, Ole & Mike are earning "fishing cash" from the evening euchre games. Kingda, it's worth $25 to have those bears AND the 'puter back...go ahead & pay him!!! We'll go downtown & sell pencils on corner to raise money to find out how B&B say their "goodbye's" to the northwoods!!!

★Carol★ said...

Oh dear, why have I not seen this on the national news?! Only $25.00? I'm sure you'd pay 100 times that. Come on, they're priceless!

grammy said...

Shd be on "America's Most Wanted" next week but we all have Kingda, don't just sit on your porch & enjoy view, or go out for a cruise in the boat, or start enjoying your vacation...UNTIL B&B are found!!!!