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Monday, July 27, 2009

BBQ With Humor


We're home from vacation - - - but I'm just not finished with my vacation posts. Brunhilda and Borris monopolized my blogging time while we were in Wisconsin, I'm sure many of you enjoyed their posts more than mine anyway, but now that we're home I have a few things to say!!!

Several of our vacation "haunts" (places we visit and revisit each time we go to the northwoods) have stories which I'd like to share.

The first such place is "Famous Dave's BBQ Shack."

Perhaps you've heard of a "Famous Dave's" or maybe you've even eaten at one. Well, the ORIGINAL is located in Hayward, Wisconsin.

"Famous Dave's" is the brain child of Dave Anderson. Dave is a Native American who graduated in the bottom half of his high school class. He tried his hand at several businesses which failed before he became successful.

He has since served two presidents (Carter and G. W. Bush) and three governors in advisory positions. He earned a master's degree from Harvard without ever earning an undergraduate degree. He also attends the Wesleyan Church in Hayward, where my friend Mark is the pastor. Mark was going to introduce Dave to Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper, but we didn't see Dave at church that day.

This is the original "Famous Dave's."

While eating here I overheard a man telling his friends, "You've maybe eaten at another 'Famous Dave's,' but THIS is the REAL one.

I feel that way too - - - they may all be "real" but this one is original.

It's located on the shores of Big Round Lake.

Some people boat in, dock here, and walk up the steps to get a table.

The food is yummy. These are ribs for all you rib lovers out there. I don't "do" ribs, too much pickin' (and I'm not grinnin') around bone- - - but hubby is a rib connoisseur and he says these are GREAT.

This is my BBQ of choice - - - Georgia Pulled Pork.

Leigh remarked that the sides looked rather small - - - which I also THOUGHT the first time, but part of that is simply the shape of the little container - - - it holds more than it looks like it would. I'm a big eater and I always leave with a very full tummy.

To conlude this "Famous Dave's " tour - - - - I thought I'd share a little humor which I found posted on Dave's walls. Enjoy:

These are in descending order - - -
Funniest one at the bottom.

Well, funniest to ME anyway.

I never said they were GOOD advice - - -

Oh, like needing a vacation
From my vacation, perhaps???

Ah Ha - - -
So THIS is why my friends hang around!

Who'll admit they're "here"????

OK - - - I will!!!

AMEN Sista!!!!
Chocolate is definitely GOD'S WILL!



Dixie said...

Keetha... I love BBQ... especially BBQ Ribs! Those plates are the best!

thanks for your comments earlier... when I posted the candlestick photo I thought "dang, I should have put a candle in it!" so I'll do that later tonight and add the "light" photo... so drop back by if you can.

hugs. Dixie

Lori E said...

Oh ribs are my favorite. We only have one good rib place around here and it is a 45 minute drive to get there. Worth it if you can get in.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I'm a ribs girl - it's one of the only finger foods that I will eat in public.

I really enjoyed the story of the restaurant. How cool :) Success stories just warm my heart --- but the trials getting there are incredible. Thanks.

Julie said...

Ha ha. I like the children one. Soooo true around here!

I'm so behind on reading blogs-does it help to know I THOUGHT about you all the time while you were on vacation?! I hope you had a great time-hopefully I'll get caught up here again!

BTW: I hope to mail your birth announcement this week!

Lori R. said...

Your pics make me want to head to Wisconsin... Ribs,,, they are the best when done right.... those look done just fine!!! Hope you enjoyed your vaca. even if you had to keep watch out for the bears...

Tricia said...

Looks fantastic! The food looks super yummy! The setting is beautiful, and I love the plates. Lol.
Vacation is fantastic!~

Susie's country cottage said...

Famous Dave's looks like a good place to eat and it is in such a lovely location. I think the plates are brilliant. I love the 'If you want to look young' one!

Anonymous said...

i would have picked bbq sausage yum yum or the one you got yum yum
i will have to try that place
wander if we have one here in colorado springs? have to see.

Mahmood Syed Faheem said...

Every place has a tale to tell. Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. God is Great. Best wishes.

Lynn said...

Hayward Wisconsin
When we DO the north woods area, we are THERE at Daves!!
Thanks for the hot top!


Unknown said...

I think I gained weight looking at the deliciousness! And those plates were funny!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Those plates are great! And yes, the sides still look a bit small, but like I said, I am from the south, where they always do it big. Big hair, big plates, big...well...lets just stop there. It aint always good.
Keetha, I would love to eat there though. I like the look of it.

Hey, off subject, I collect photos of jack signs. If you EVER come acorss anything Jack, snap a picture.

Brunhilda and Borris- I am so in the fan club. Will you autograph my book when it comes out?

Holly said...

Those plates are hysterical! The BBQ shack looks like a house to hang out at, not a restaurant ... must be soooo good.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Hahahahaha...I think I may like the "all nighter" plate the best. :-) And that just *looks* like a great restaurant from the picture of the facade alone!

I can't find my blog said...

I love these plates! I got a funny one to share from vacation, too. You'll have to wait a few days though!