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Sunday, July 19, 2009

PEOPLE on Vacation


Brunhilda and Borris are not the ONLY ones enjoying this vacation with us. Our friends Mike and Diane were here in the northwoods with us for the first week of our vacation. They had to return home today, but this is a little recap of SOME of the things we did.

Diane and Mike

Greg and Keetha

First of all, everybody has been VERY patient with me when I shout "STOP THE CAR" so I can hop out and take pictures for blog posts. They even began dreaming up photo op ideas FOR me. Thanks guys!!!

We did a little sight seeing - - -

Groat Landing on the Namekagon River

Round Lake
(No - - - there ARE NO palms in Wisconsin)

Little Hayward house that I fell in love with

We did a little eatin' good in the neighborhood - - -

Norske Nook

Karibalis (known as Karbs) Restaurant

The patio at Karbs

More patio at Karbs

I had trouble REMEMBERING to take food pictures, but here are a few - - -

Georgia Pulled Pork Sandwich, Famous Dave's

Half rack of Ribs, Famous Dave's

Yummy salad at Karbs

Diane and I spent a lot of time reading, napping, blogging (uh, that would be me), and doing jig saw puzzles.

The boys went fishing, fishing, and fishing.

Together we went put-putting, watched movies, and played Euchre.

Here are a couple of things that the boys are proud of:

The world record muskie(?) on display. This fish is the center of a huge fishing world controversy - - - I'm sure you will have trouble sleeping tonight now that you know this controversy exists, won't you!?

The Man Cave - - - new to Hayward since last summer. The "boys" thought they were pretty cool stuff hanging out here each time we came in town.! The MAN CAVE is owned and operated by a WOMAN. Go figure!



Susie's country cottage said...

It looks like you are enjoying your vacation. Karbs seems like a good place to eat judging by your foodie pictures.

Lori R. said...

I JUST HAD THIS AHA MOMENT! Take another couple with us on vaca. that will entertain the hubby and then I could do what I want!!!! thank you Keetha, this may be a whole new vaca. thing for me... Glad your weather is behaving for the most part and the food looks excellent!!!

Lori E said...

I thought you just misspelled carbs and were talking about the food. I have never heard of Karbs before.
We love pulled pork and ribs.
Mmmm good.

grammy said...

WHERE ARE B&B???We have collected $4.32 from selling pencils...if needed,I could provide DNA to catch the thief, or we will continue selling pencils till we raise $25!!!! BTW, love the pix and so glad you're havin lotsa fun!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Isn't vacation wonderful. We go to Mammoth Lakes every summer & I love it. I know that I will really be looking forward to it after my (5 people) company goes home after spending 9 (NINE) nights with us. Yes I am stressed!
Looks like you are having a great time and the food looks delicious.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

What a fun vacation you are having. I love thee pictures, they are evident of that! The food looks delish, but the sides a bit scimpy! Those are samples where I come from, though I DO live in the south. HA!YUM!

Jessica Morris said...

Your vacation sounds fun!!
That food looks so good :) I haven't tried that restaurant yet, but think I will!
It makes me laugh that you stop the car for pictures for your blog - soooo me!! :)

xinex said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. ALl the food looks delish!..Christine