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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"So Spread Your Tiny Wings and Fly Away - - -"


The baby chick flew out of the nest this morning - - - - WAY out of the nest.

To Sweden by himself,


Gone for four weeks by himself,


On a trip planned and orchestrated by himself,


Right of passage says he.

Scary says me.

But he packed his bags - - -
My fears didn't deter him one bit.

He carried them with determination into the airport,
My fears didn't slow him one bit.

He printed out his self-serve e-ticket,
No need of help from mom.

He condescended for a ticket picture - - -
"Mom, why do you have to take dorky posed pictures?
Why can't you just let life happen?"

He hugged his dad good-bye.
He hugged his mom good-bye.
Then he walked off into security by himself,

Too bad that by himself,
He forgot to pack his Macbook powercord.

Maybe he does still need his mommy just a little.

Then again, maybe not - - -
I contacted him and he didn't
TAKE his laptop,
So why would he need a power cord.



Roslyn said...

I remember the first time we sent oldest DS back to boarding school on a plane from Germany to PA.USA! Talk about nervous, he was all of 13!
But he made it & many more trips around the world over the years & his brothers too!They are adventurers these young men!

j said...

When you have your 'drowning my sorrows in a pint of ice cream' moment, let me know. I'll grab my pint of ice cream and I'll suffer with you. Cause I'm a friend.

(may I recommend Blue Bell Groom's Cake ice cream?)

Seriously? Congratulations on this wonderful adventure. I know you are proud of him.

Tonja said...

Well, just have that cord all front and center when he gets back! My youngest planned, financed part, and took 2 trips to Europe all on his own. Not a dab of help from me. All I can say is...We did a heck of a good job raising these boys to believe in themselves and take hold of the job at hand and get it done. It was there foundation that helped them get to this stage of independence. Of course,they will not recognize that face for a few more years.

Hope he has a wonderful trip!

Cass @ That Old House said...

He'll be fine -- except he'll come back completely BROKE from Sweden, as the Scandinavian countries are wicked expensive. (Alida's been to Norway; as I recall she ran out of money.)

Alida did her first overseas jaunt at 17, to Bosnia. Went 5 times in all. She also did two trips to England, and a year of study in Scotland -- went all alone as an independent "foreign" student and while she was there she traveled all over Europe by herself -- and I got by on the "no news is good news" theory of parenting.

I heard from her when she ran out of money and could I wire some. Yes, they still do need Mom.

Anne's done England twice, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria -- and Guam with her fellow singers. They do get around, our kids -- the world is SO much smaller than it used to be! And traveling is relatively so much cheaper, too.

I didn't get to Europe till I was 26! And my girls have been more often than I have. What is wrong with THAT picture?

Hang in there, Mom... you can track his flight online (I am obsessed with doing that) -- I will e mail you the link, it's great. Except when it says the flight is at 0 feet in the air, and you know they are over the Atlantic. . . .

I think it's terrific that your son is doing this --- SCARY for us, and scary for him,too, even though he won't admit it. But he will have a blast.

And he'll come home and lounge around the furniture and leave dishes in the sink, and you'll say, "Hmmm... why not go see what Italy is like?"

Hang in there! -- Cass

Lori E said...

Ha, power cord, ha I love that one.

I sometimes just stand and stare as my eldest flies around like a a hurricane trying to get out the door and forgets half his stuff. His cell phone on the counter. His keys on the couch. What he dropped in to get left right in the middle of the floor. I don't know how he lives on his own but he does.
We were never that young.

★Carol★ said...

This all sounds so familiar! I was a wreck when we sent our daughter off to Paris two years ago! I was so afraid that she would forget something really important (like a powercord)! But she did great, and we all made it through ok!

Carol said...

Oh my! He'll be fine! Remember who he has for a mama! Did he pack the bears?

LV said...

I understand along with many others a day similar to yours. Mine was just out of high school, and Uncle Sam called. I was not sure I would live through that. As it turned out, I think he did better than me. We mothers have a hard time letting go. In time, you will be fine. Hang in there.

xinex said...

Maybe he really wants to be out of touch and just have fun that is why he left his Mac book. LOL! What a brave fella. I am sure he will have fun in Sweden!...Christine

KBeau said...

Okay, I figure he was probably embarrassed as heck having you there taking pictures of everything. One day, however, he will appreciate your efforts.

Cindy said...

That last part that you wrote in red!...funny! It's times like that when you know he KNOWS what he's doing! He's not ALONE.
YOU'RE not alone! Besides, now your kid has our thoughts and prayers....and you always do!

Pam said...

I'm so glad that you both got to send him off - what a good post it made!

Unknown said...

Last week I received numerous eye rolls from Molly as I tried to help her pack for Romania. So I just started asking dumb stuff (did you remember underwear...)since I was no 'real' help.

I can't believe he didn't take his laptop for four weeks! That's roughing it!

Martin LaBar said...

They grow up, don't they?

dana said...

I'm proud of YOU!!! I would have been hanging on his ankles and wildly sobbing "no, no, you can't go!!" :) Well, maybe not THAT dramatic, but I would've been dabbing some tears---I just did and he's not my son!! :)

I can't believe he's not taking the laptop--he's a real adventurer!

Loved this post-----Dana

Joy Tilton said...

Tell him that the picture helps the bloggers know who they are praying for!

Lori R. said...

Oh my... when I sent my girl child to Denmark for 4 weeks for a college class, I cried for a while. She did email me and let me know she got there fine and that the beer was delicious (she knew that would ruffle my feathers. Drinking age there is 16.) She returned quite the grown up and commented to me that she had to grow up, she didn't have her mommy there to turn to, she had to figure it out on her own, and loved it... We're here for ya K.B...

Julie said...

I think I'll go kiss Drew and Alex's cheeks one more time tonight while they're sleeping...and I won't whine about Bella's insistence on getting up at 3:30 every. single. night to eat.

Goodness Keetha, I don't think I'll survive the stage of parenting your in right now! I'm guessing lots and lots of prayer...

It's obvious you've done a GREAT job raising your kids!

claudie said...

I guess I'm a bad mamma. I would have packed for him and waved and kissed and worried a tad, but happy to see him spread his wings.
Good for him. Are you OK?
Yup it rained again, but just a little today.
Love the pics of your fav. restaurant. Those sayings on the plate cracked me up.
Hope your having a great week.
Love Claudie

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Holy cow.
And I am having issues with the college seperation that will take place in 2 short weeks.
Pray for me and I will you my sweet and dear friend.
Keetha, I love you!

Holly said...

Wow, all grown up, huh? Hope it all goes great and he has great stories to share with you when he returns. Also? I bet he misses you like crazy.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Congrats to your kid for taking the leap over the big blue ocean!! I love Scandinavia. I've been to Sweden, Norway and Denmark & then back to Norway - it was the only overseas destination that I had until Ireland this year.

I was feeling totally sorry for him about the cord - but I see the update now. Whew. :)