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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Than Jars of Clay


This is my second in a series of stories about our vacation "haunts." There will be one more to follow later.

"Pottery at Best" is a little shop in downtown Hayward that draws me in it's doors over and over.

This first drawing card for me is my friend Rosie who works there and always greets me with a smile and kind words. She is a breath of fresh air and well worth a daily visit.

The shop itself is simply lovely.

It's filled with pottery, GORGEOUS pottery, of every size and shape imaginable.

It's all displayed in a creative, interesting, and fun way. (Can you see the little pottery bird houses hanging from this tree?)

Most of the items in the store are pottery, but - - -

Tucked in and around the pottery are lovely pieces of art.

I've been enjoying this store for several years. This year Rosie told me the story.

Meet Donna. She and her husband ARE the story of Best pottery.

One day Donna and her husband saw a man working on a potter's wheel. Donna said, "That's what I want to do."

Her husband found an old used potters wheel for her, and she began to teach herself how to use it. She loved it and began turning out gorgeous pieces.

Turns out, (pun intended) all the pieces of pottery in the store are the work of her hands or her hubby's hands, or a combination of both.

This lamp is an example of both of their work.

Donna turned the base on her wheel and her hubby made the cut out embellishments.

I have been eying this display of Crono Jewelry, designed by Chris Poly, for several years.

I was in the shop so many times this summer that I broke down and bought myself a ring.

Can't decide which way I like it best - - - blue bead up, or blue bead down.

I also bought two pieces of Donna's pottery. (The apple is just to give you size perspective, they don't sell apples at Best's!)

This one will make a perfect spoon rest.



Lori E said...

Even days blue stone up, odd days blue stone down. Life is really simple Keetha.
This is my kind of store. We used to have a lot of pottery places around but most are gone now.

Joni said...

I say blue bead down. That way it will be up and the art will look like a heart when you hold your fingers down for admirers that ask to see it.

Kristin - The Goat said...

no no no - we can't meet in Michigan - we need to have a blogging vacation in or around that pottery store!!! OMGoodness! I want larger photos, I want a website, I want to touch each piece. I think my hear skipped a beat.

Whew. I made it.

by the way - my capcha word is "butcat" lol

Kristin - The Goat said...

See I got so sidetracked I forgot to say --- I like the blue bead up :) and I love the way the ring looks on your finger. Perfect gift for yourself :)

Erin said...

Gorgeous! I love the piece with the trees.

★Carol★ said...

It sure looks like a lovely shop! I don't care how you wear that's gorgeous either way! Pretty nails too!

Holly said...

Ooooh,...I would love to mosey away an afternoon in that store!!

I say toss a coin. Heads, blue stone down, and tails, blue stone up. :):)

Dixie said...

loved the visit to the pottery shoppe... we have one similar in Guerne, TX where the artist is in residence... I always love to visit his store... you found some beautiful pieces...

I'd love to be a potter.. but I understand that it wreaks havoc on your french manicure...! ;)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I loovvveee pottery and would have a tough time getting out of that store! I love the little tray with the trio of trees. I think I'd have to use that for peppermint tea bags or something "wintery." And that ring is gorgeous...good call. I say just mix it up and wear the ring different ways each time you wear it's like getting two rings for the price of one! :-)

nancygrayce said...

I like the blue stone up.

Nancy said...

Hi Keetha. I've had a crazy crazy few weeks, so I just caught up on your posts. Loved all the stories and pics of the Northwoods. How long have you been vacationing there?

What a great opportunity for your "baby" - how did he choose Sweden?

The ring is beautiful - put it on without looking as it can go either way, and have fun being random with the wearing.

j said...

I like the blue up. You have such pretty nails!!

And the shop - that tree thingy is just COOL.

Tonja said...

Blue stone up!