Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

All I know is that after 7 plus years of blogging and a different lappy, which I don’t like, I seem to have lost my blogging fervor.

Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Brunhilda and Borris in "Bears at The Cabin"


Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper, but you may call us Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper, coming to you ONE LAST TIME from our beloved northwoods.

Our bags are packed,
We're ready to go.
We're standin' here outside your door,
We hate to wake you up to say good-bye!
But we're leavin'
On a jet plane - - - - -

OOOPS, wrong mode of transportation

In a big truck
Don't know when we'll be back again,
Oh peeps we hate to go!!!!

Some of you may be thinkin' "Good riddance to bad rubbish!"

Well, that's OK, don't'cha know! We have had fun documenting this vacation up north and that's all that really matters. Besides - - - we've heard from Michael Moohre and HE is asking for the rights to our documentary, so there.

Before we leave, we thought we'd just show you a bit of what we did at the cabin in between our various adventures out and about the northwoods.

One day ma tried on Miss Keetha's THONG. Oh, you young whipper snappers probably call that a flip flop, but back in our day we called it a thong.

I believe Hildy could've gone SURFING in that thing.

I tried to jump into one of the Euchre games. Trouble was, I didn't know the rules. When I was dealt this hand I just wasn't sure what to do, so I passed.

"You Yellow Bellied Sap-Sucker!" ma shouted. "If you pass on THAT hand you're a total gutless ninny. Even Miss Keetha would 'go alone' with THAT."

So - - - I gave up cards for the rest of the vacation.

Course as you already know, we spent lots of time helping Miss Keetha blog.

I never knew before how much WORK there is to blogging.

Pose for the pictures.

Edit the pictures.

Resize the pictures.

Write the blog post.

Publish the blog post.

WAIT for the comments to come pouring in.

This blogging business really wasn't vacation for us - - - so we're gonna be REAL glad to turn it back over to Miss Keetha when we get home.

We also tried our paws at jig-saws.

Hildy didn't last long. She tried to make any old piece fit just by smashing it down hard with her paw. She soon got bored with that and went on to other pursuits - - - like boating.

I really liked doing the jig saws - - -

And helped Miss Keetha with a couple before I just couldn't bear it anymore. She didn't mind, she just kept churning them out without me - - - nine altogether.

Just look at this!!! Miss Keetha bought some of our family from the old Ben Franklin to take home with us!!! This is our Aunt Cookie Jarbear with her three cubs; Choocolate, Chip, and Brownie. Do they remind you of anything?

And now it truly is time for us to say "au revoir."

As our Canadian friend, Red Green, says: "Keep your stick on the ice!"


Miss Keetha and Fisherhubby have a "reprieve." The NEXT Little Cabin renters won't get in until Sunday so we ALL get to stay an extra night.


But Ma and I have retired from our blogging career, so this will still be the LAST episode of our saga - - - - at least for now.



Unknown said...

I could bearly wait to read the next adventure! How fun! I love your blog!

LV said...

Your are the lady of the year for traveling. I envy you. I used to travel a lot, but time changes things. I will just travel along with you on the blog. Have a nice, safe trip.

Lynn said...

You know?
This was such an excellent way to share your vacation. You are a very clever story teller.
You must be a teechur or somethin!

Brenda said...

That was a fun read. Keep 'em coming!
Have a great weekend, Keetha!
God bless.

KBeau said...

Oh, yes, I remember thongs. But it would have been more fun to see ma wearing your other thong. You do have one, don't you? I didn't think so. Neither do I. Can't imagine how uncomfortable that would be.

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL KBeau - - - no thongs, the other kind, for moi!!!

Kristin - The Goat said...

An extra night! Congrats :) I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your vacation through the eyes of Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper. What a blast.

Carol said...

Hey traveling bears! Can you talk Miss Keetha into sending you East? I could show you the sights and then send you safely back home (with pictures, of course). Let me know what she says.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Dearest Bears, If you ever want to visit The Big Apple, tell Miss Keetha she can ship you here, and we'll give you the Circle Line boat tour around Manhattan, and bring you to the top of the Empire State Building.

But please, Brunhilda, keep your temper under control... you don't want to tick off New Yorkers. We would not want to have to send Miss Keetha pictures of teeny tiny police chalk lines in the shape of a teeny tiny bear with attitude.

Have a safe trip home!
PS Dog Dion says when a jigsaw puzzle piece doesn't fit, he takes the expedient route -- he eats it.

Dullbert said...

Card playing and jigsaw puzzles must be a regional past time? My family does both but mostly because I grew up with it, hey what do call those shirts your husband is wearing with the sleeves that come all the way down to his wrists :) It's July ☺

Jewel said...

Looks like that "sandal" has been around the block a few times...

How could I forget your love of puzzles? That is nine puzzles in how many days? Back in the day I would do 3-5 over Christmas break, but I don't think I have the umph for 9 in any amount of time!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Yep, we used to call them thongs, and my mom for some reason called them Go-aheads. Whatever.
I love the jigsaw marathon. I used to do that at our cabin. I wouldn't have let those bears help, though.

Pammerys said...

Hi Keetha... Love the bears! I'd be glad to show them the Mississippi River Valley... very safely of course. Pam

Vickie said...

I came on here looking for the "real" bear pictures. So cool!