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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brunhilda and Borris in "Bears About Town"


Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper, but you may call us Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper, coming to you from Up North once again.

I told ma that you were probably getting really tired of our escapades by now, I said maybe we shouldn't post any more of our tails. (I did that on purpose, do you GET it???)

But Ma said she was having fun getting her picture taken and that if you, the bloggy fans of Miss Keetha, don't LIKE the posts, you don't have to LOOK at them - - - no one is twisting your foreleg.

I really shouldn't take that she-bear out in public, should I?

So - - - with Brunhilda's insistance, here we are again starring in "Bears About Town," and I hope Miss Keetha has a FEW bloggy fans left by the time she gets back to Indiana on Sunday, though what she will find to blog about from that flatland I don't know.

Today ma and I want to show you what we've been doing in Hayward. Doesn't it just have the cutest little mainstreet EVER???

Ma says it's just like a little Gatlinburg Up North.

I reminded her that she's never even BEEN to Gatlinburg, so how would she know???

She said she'd HEARD people talking about it, and besides, she didn't need to go to H_ _ _ to know it was HOT, and she didn't need to go to Gatlinburg to know what it was like.
Oh dear - - - she's getting totally unbearable, isn't she?

The first thing we noticed in Hayward was this bucket of doggie water. What WE wanted to know was, "Where's the BEAR water?"

Oh, and if you think we're the ONLY bears ever to roam the streets of Hayward, then you'd be SADLY mistaken. Some of our furry brothers routinely dine out of the finest trash cans in town.

Brunhilda, never one to be deterred, tried to drink out of this bucket. I had to hold her tightly by the hindlegs so she wouldn't do a nose dive into that thing and drown - - - remember, she can't swim a lick.

We took a little paddle with Squiggy Squirrell. Fortunately, remembering what happened to ma and our little boat on Gull Lake, we never left the shelf, and even at that Miss Diane had to give us a steadying hand.

Squiggy mentioned something about taking us for a REAL ride down the Namekagon. Hildy was ALL for that idea - - - she's a very slow learner - - - but I put my big paw down and said "NO."

Later we actually SAW the Namekagon and I was glad we weren't trusting our lives to Squiggy and a little birch bark canoe in THAT river.

We spent lots of time "fine dining." (Miss Keetha likes her food, don't'cha know!?)

We could bearly read the menu - - - never went to school, don't'cha know!

Seems like Miss Keetha, being a school teacher and all, would TAKE us to school so we could learn something!

I went down into the "Man Cave" with Fisherhubby. Wanted to get a new cap, but they didn't have one my size.

Now just what do you suppose is the purpose of THIS sign???

We met Freddy Frog in "Pottery at Best," which is the shop where Miss Rosie works. We had a hoppin' good time with Freddy, don't'cha know. (Don't'cha know is a little something we've added to our vocabulary while we've been Up North.)

Miss Keetha says she has a fun story to tell you later about "Pottery at Best" - - - so be lookin' for it!

Rocky Ricocco Rooster was standing guard outside the FORMER Hayward Library turned specialty shop. He was way above us and hardly even noticed we were there.

I told Hildy it was really a GOOD thing he didn't notice us as we might just look like tasty morsels to him, and besides we'd be at the bottom of the pecking order!

This is Milt the Hayward Muskie - - - he is QUINTESSENTIAL Hayward, it being the Muskie Capitol of the World and all.

We weren't worried about Milt trying to eat us - - - we wouldn't even be a snack for him, he gulps people down whole.

We aren't quite sure why there is a Moose gracing the Hayward sidewalk since "moosi" (That's for YOU Cass) don't live in this section of the northwoods, but we climbed up in his lap for a photo op anyway.

By this time we were all hot and bearly able to go another step so - - -

We stopped in at West's Dairy for a bowl of chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

As usual, ma stuck her nose in it.

Well folks, that's about it for our town ventures. We're planning two more posts and then we'll be going into early hibernation and turning this blog back over to Miss Keetha.



Lori R. said...

I'm thinking it is pretty funny when you have me waiting for the next adventure with B&B, oh and only 2 more... Maybe they should accompany you at school this fall. Maybe B&B would like science class.
Can you bring some of that Chocolate peanut butter ice cream by Illinois on your way home to Indiana? please???? The words "almost sinful" on the label makes me want some even more!!!

Cindy said...

These photos are awesome!!!! I love every thing about Wisconsin. I've been to Gatlinburg, TN when the leaves are's awesome!!!

Anonymous said...


Lori E said...

Moosi? As a Canadian I have to say we do not refer to multiple moose as moosi.
More than one moose are moose.
More than one mink are mink.
More than one deer are deer.
More than one grouse are grouse.
More than one Keetha are Oh my goodness no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn said...

Ice cream in da bear's face!
Theyare having so much fun, dontcha know.
Keetha, Will you go back and just grab that rooster for me.
I'm sure no one will notice, and I was born in the year of the rooster, so...

Martin LaBar said...

It's been a long time since I've been to Gatlinburg (Or the County Seat of Sawyer County), but they are somewhat alike. No mountains near Hayward, and no lakes near Gatlinburg, though.

cristina said...

Brunhilda and Borris??? Well I never. Those are the most fabulous names I've ever heard. I wonder how my boyfriend will take to us changing our names......Keep the B&B adventures coming!

kyooty said...

love the Moose, maybe I can get one of those for my back yard? how do you keep them from uh falling and uh breaking limbs?

Keetha said...

What fun those bears have!

That ice cream - YUM.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hahaha--- OK first funny thing, "Hayward" is the name Howard's college buddies gave him -- and they still call him that, so that cracked me up. I have to tell him there's a town named for him!

And the bears are a total hoot. I think it's their teeny tiny size. Beari are adorable, of course, as long as they are that small.

Beari in real life are like lioni, elephanti, snakei, alligatori and other scary critters -- scary!

Ms. Keetha, you are a hoot. Love your posti.


Kristin - The Goat said...

The cutest main street ever! but I do think there should have been some Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper water...for sure. :)

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

You are actually making me think about going to WI....