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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wherein "That Man I Married" Thinks He's a Comedian


Surely you remember him. (He'd say, "My name's NOT Shirley!)

Around here I call him Ole, The Big Cheese, Fisherhubby, and SOMETIMES Gregory Farrell SNOT Broyles. (I reserve THAT one for moments like I'm about to describe herein.)

What???? You don't recognize him??? Well, maybe you'll remember him better from THIS view:

Oh I DO kid, but it's a cute little "end" anyway.

LinkYou know, he's the man with the FISHING plan.
He plans to fish
And fishes his plan.

He's the man who can fall asleep anywhere - - -

Taking his half of the bed right smack dab out of the middle - - -

And sleep through anything.

He's the man who chortles as he shreds, mixes, and packs
All the junk mail BACK into the posts-paid envelopes
And returns them to the sender.

AND, he's the man that loves a good bubbly
Soak in a jacuzzi.

He also has a life mission to find new and varied ways to keep me on my toes. These things range from "honking" at me as I walk in front of the car to go into the house, to stuffing his church bulletin and other trash in my purse, to making up outlandish stories about EVERYTHING just to see if I will bite hook, line, and sinker. (I must look like a fish - - -)

Well, here's his LATEST "when will Keetha notice THIS" routine:

Perhaps you remember Beauregarde Bearski, he was introduced to this blog during the winter XCountry-skiing months. This is how Beau is SUPPOSED to look - - - holding skis, scarf gently looped around his neck.

This is how I FIND Beau AFTER The Big Cheese adulterates him:

"Hang-man's noose"

"Too hot to WEAR my scarf, I think I'll carry it."

"Innovative belt"

"See no evil"

Wait a second - - - that's Borris!
What's HE doing with Beau's scarf?

Good Grief!

That man I married thinks he is SUCH a comedian!!!

What do they say?
"Never a dull moment."



Pam said...

It's amazing how naked poor Beauregarde looks when not properly accessorized. We now know where Kelly got his training: from the master messer!

RuthnJasper said...

What a GREAT bloke your hubby is - he looks like SO much fun! I hope, when I get married, that I get such a good man!

Might want to probe him further as to why he wanted to string-up Beauregarde Bearski, though... Perhaps Fisherhubby caught him pilfering the live bait...?

lots of love,

Ruth & Jasper xxx

SueWis said...

Is he cleaning something under that cupboard? I think he's a keeper! :)

★Carol★ said...

DO NOT say a bad word against that wonderful man. He obviously has great taste in hats(cheese) and women(you)!

Ann in the UP said...

So----would he be the guy who rearranges the N O E L Christmas candle holders into L E O N and O N L E?

Beau does look very bear indeed without his scarf! said...

You're so funny, but not quite as funny as this guy you're married to. I like your notes on the "half of the bed picture" and the photo of him dressed like a lovely princess.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

My favorite is still the tiara and pink boa on him while he slept!

Nancy said...

How great to have a hubby that keeps you on your toes. That's got to be one of the many reasons you love him so much. Right? :)

Keri said...

Well...if he thinks he's a comedian, he just might be right! We sure laughed at this! :)

Jason says the "see no evil" looks like an Arab.

I sure do love that father-o-mine. :) His sense of humor and inner prankster would be sorely missed if they suddenly vanished from his personality.

(And I love YOU too!)

shannon i olson said...

that's kinda funny....I wonder what I can switch up around here to see if anyone notices??? I agree with Keri..a definite Arab look.

LV said...

I would prefer he say a comedian as opposed to a lot of other things men do. I cannot imagine what it is like with both of you together. You are are both a delight.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Annie - I used to put my magnetic LEON up every year on my fridge. It always makes me laugh. Not sure where those went to, come to think of it!

The See No Evil one is my favorite! Those made me laugh. FH is a hoot!

Jojo said...

Does DH know that you wrapped him in a boa, placed a crown on his head and posted the picture on your blog?

Love Of Quilts said...

I'd say you are darn lucky. Trish

Holly said...

You are such a fun storyteller! And your cheesehead husband (heh!) is such a good sport.

Traci Marie Wolf said...

I LOVE this post. He has such a great smile. Your pic of him in bed made me LOL and LOL about the junk mail. I love that he keeps things interesting by keeping you on your toes.

Martin LaBar said...

Enjoy each other!

kyooty said...

I think the Bubble Bath photo really makes this post... haha! Strategically placed bubbles and all.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Changing up Beauregarde Bearski really shows how much he loves you.

nancygrayce said...

Aha! I love husbands, without them who would we laugh at!?