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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Those Were The Days - - -


Grindstone Lake in the Northwoods of Wisconsin
Circa 1959

What in the WORLD are all "us girls" doin' wearing DRESSES at the lake in the middle of the northwoods???? I can only guess, not really having any memory of this event, that it was a SUNDAY, and back in them thar days Sunday meant dress wearin'.

Adults left to right:

Aunt Clara - What lovely bit does she have on her head???

My mom, Beulah - This was before she was so crippled with RA, though she was already struggling mightily with it then.

Dad, John - That's NOT his Sunday suit - - - I guess men were allowed to get comfortable, even on Sunday.

Kids left to right:

Sister Pam - Notice the "pristine" condition of her garb. Shoes, socks, and dress (except the little wind fly-up of the hem) exactly as they should be. That's quintessential Pam.

Cousin Mary Lou - Hiding behind her little hand.

Me, Keetha - Check it out. Dress rumpled, socks scrunched down, shoes scuffed, hair goin' every which way but loose, and totally absorbed in a bit of rope. ROPE??? Seriously?? What's so fascinating about THAT? Quintessential Keetha.

Cousin John - Not sure what's up with the gun - - - maybe we sent him out to shoot us some dinner or something.

Uncle Loren was taking the picture.

And now? Uncle Loren, Aunt Clara, mom, and Cousin John are all in Heaven waiting for the rest of us to join them.



ain't for city gals said...

What a great pic, Keetha!..Don't be in too big of hurry to join still have a lot of living to do!

Keri said...

I am pretty sure John is wearing a PJ shirt! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this photo and your commentary. You have your Aunt's smile!!

So, are you really a closet cowgirl? Roping and riding? haa

You made me smile BIG today, girl!

Terra said...

The dresses are so darling, and maybe your cousin shot you some squirrel for dinner? Ha ha.

Tonja said...

Precious, precious picture. Don't you just love to look at these 'seconds in time'? And, just wondering what pics of us in future years someone will look at and smile and wonder about.

I think there are a few I need to burn!

podso said...

Love this! By the way, if I didn't know it was your family, I would have thought you were me. I looked like that and was found doing such things when photos were taken. :-) And now we're blogging!

Holly said...

I love to see old family photos. And your comments about the people in the picture make this one extra special.

Vivian said...

Old family photos are the best. They transport you back in time and remembering the past is LIVING the present!!!

shannon i olson said...

great photo....and you come by it naturally...that is why we love you!

LV said...

We were always properly dressed in whatever was our best. Pants certainly changed things. Loved seeing all your family vintage shots.

tinajo said...

I love this pic - and you describe it so funny. Memories - especially the ones you can smile at - are a blessing when thinking about loved ones. :-)

Your comment made me laugh - I´ll definately add that to "the talk"! :-D

Pam said...

Did Aunt Lois give you this picture? I love it and may have vague memories of that visit IF we got to stay overnight with Mary Lou. However, except for the rope business, I think we both look equally windblown and rumpled! Mary Lou looks like the perfect little curly headed doll

Kristin - The Goat said...

Honestly, I can't tell that your shoes are scuffed LOL What a great photo.

Ann in the UP said...

If I didn't know better, I'd think you had self-esteem issues. It makes me laugh when I remember having to wear dresses all day on Sunday. We did that too.

42N said...

Its interesting to see how families gathered throughout time in photographs. The trend for casualness in dress for gatherings - good or bad - seems always to be changing. Still its nice to have the photos to remember the past.

kyooty said...

Here I go assuming to add to the comment pool. I suspect you were wearing dresses because girls wore dresses. My mom used to insist I wear a dress to school in the late 70's? Before that some girls from some families?weren't allowed to wear pants to school.