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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kids Camp in My City


Well, Kids Camp in my STATE anyway.

I spent last week being a counselor in a cabin of ten girls at Kids Camp.

Welcome to Assembly Park Bible Camp on the shores of Lake Minnesuing. Such a pretty little spot buried deep in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

The camp office and chapel basking in the warm sunshine. This warm sunshine appeared about an hour before we headed home on Friday.

Picturesque cottage just above the shore.

Campers enjoying a frolic in the barely thawed lake water. This old counselor didn't frolic. Tuesday there was a little sun and the temperatures hovered around 70.

That didn't last.

Here's what we had outside our cabin door ALL DAY LONG on Wednesday:

Jemima Puddle Duck would have LOVED this.

And did I happen to mention in my "whining" long-title-post on Wednesday that the high temperature for the day was 54? Well, just in case I didn't - - - the HIGH temperature on Wednesday was 54.

Many of the hardy "penguins" at camp swam and played out in the cold, cold rain.

Not THIS chick. I curled up inside, as much as I could, and TRIED to stay warm. I found it very difficult to get warm with soaking wet socks and dripping jean hems.

Here's what some of the (anonymous) "penguins" did after they came in out of the cold, cold rain:

Burrowed under their sleeping bags trying to thaw their blood - - - mess optional.

Sat on their bunks reading - - - dripping bathing suit over head optional.

Made themselves cozy sleeping bag hide-aways - - - wet towel trim optional.

Stood around in their wet jeans, shoes, sweat shirts,

Jackets and hoodies - - - shivering mandatory!

Thanks to Unknown Mami for hosting
"Sundays in My City"
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Featured today is the northwoods of Wisconsin



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Cold and wet is not my idea of fun! Kids can luckily enjoy most anything.

Ann in the UP said...

Groan! That sounds like a long, long week of serving the Lord. I hope He gives you Extra credit.

You get a gold star from us.

tinajo said...

It should be forbidden with rain during camp... it would be practically very difficult of course, considering all the camps around the world - but still! :-D

It looks like a nice place though! :-)

Pam said...

Just wondering if the restroom building is in view in the picture showing the snack bar end of your cabin. I need to know how bad I should feel for you!

Cyndy Bush said...

That sounds like my idea of miserable! Um, glad its over?

Barb said...

I have been swimming and fishing in that lake. The year my Dad and stepmom got married we vacationed there. It's not far from where I spent my summers at my grandparents (Poplar, WI). My Dad and stepmom now spend their summers at their cabin in Lake Nebagemon not far from there!

At least you were in a cabin. I generally sleep in my tent at scout camp. Not fun in weather like that. We can compare horror stories if I make it over in October for the Singer's reunion! said...

You're a very brave woman. It looks gorgeous and lush there, despite the cold.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

So that's where you've been! Brave, brave soul! I hope we stay warm this week!

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Looks like it was a fun roller coaster of a week. I went to a similar type camp once through my church and I have wonderful memories that came back to me by seeing these pictures. I was the camp photographer. It was so much fun.

Erin said...

Bless your heart! That sounds like the very definition of miserable to me! But you've mustered up a smile for the picture! You're a trooper!

Keetha said...

We're under a heat advisory until tonight. The heat index is expected to be well above 100 today. So pleaes forgive me when I say that a high of 54 sounds SO GOOD about right now!

42N said...

Just barely thawed lakes is a perfect description of the northwoods in early June. Just wait another 30-45 days. Then the heat will peak for a few days before the s*** flys again.

Claudya Martinez said...

I'm sure they had a blast regardless of the weather.

Holly said...

Ugh, poor you. There's nothing worse than being cold than being cold *and* wet. Too bad you didn't have sunshine, either. But I bet you're a super fun camp counselor!

Lynn said...

You are the bravest woman I know! I used to get (have) to go to outdoor science camp every year with my 6th graders--5 days of forced marches and beige food.
Would I volunteer for what you did? Um no.

Anonymous said...

Bless you for giving your time to these kids to learn more about MY AWESOME JESUS!