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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Workin' the Lawn Magic

Fisherhubby is like a kid in a candy shop workin' his magic on our lawn.

He has fertilized.

He has sprayed weed killer all over the place.

He has mowed, as HIGH as the blade will go (very important according to the grass guru) - - - multiple times.

He has even dispersed ant poison.

As you can see, how you hold your mouth while you do all this dispersin' is very important. You don't hold your mouth right and the lawn magic won't work.

Fisherhubby is an expert at holding his mouth just right and our grass is thickening and greening up - - - especially in the back yard.

Glory be - - - our lilacs were aromatic and gorgeous. I just can't tell you how EXCITED I am to have a back yard FULL of lilacs!!!

ONCE, a long long time ago in a state far away, I had a small lilac bush in the backyard - - - for about 5 minutes until the "grass guru", who is a nearly native Floridian and didn't know a lilac from a patch of poison ivy, mowed it down.

Grass gurus do have their limitations.

Now, finally, we have lilacs in our yard and mama is HAPPY.

Back to the lawn magic - - - when the grass guru is finished with all his mowin' and fertilizin' and dispersin' he takes time to:

Work in his boat. I use the term "work" very loosely here. I believe he enjoys every single sunny, hot minute of workin' in his boat.

I don't have a CLUE what takes so long about workin' in a boat - - - I guess if you have enough tackle to singlehandedly stock a Bass Pro Shop it takes a while to organize it all.

You think I kid about the amount of tackle???? Think again.

Anyway - - - it's all good, especially when the boat is ready to float.

The brown spots in the yard are places where the weeds have been killed but the grass hasn't yet filled in the space left by the carcasses of the unwanted dandelions, clover, and other "alien" green things.

And that is what's happening in our corner of the world.



Anonymous said...

Now that the lawn is pristine, a good game of Crochet is in order. After fishing, of course!

Nice job, Fisherhubby.

Nice photos, Keetha!

podso said...

Your fisher hubby must chuckle if he reads your blog. But I know about the high grass cutting...barely worth the work, you have to do it again so soon, but I guess it helps.

Pam said...

Wow! Greg's yard transformation is incredible. Makes me want to barefoot it across your back yard - I do miss doing that in FL.

Rebecca said...

What kind of ant killer do you guys use? How well do you like it? How do you use it? I need all the 4-1-1! Cause we have ants!

Diana Lesjak said...

It looks gorgeous after all that dispersiin!! I love lilacs too but not the bees that come with them so much!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The lawn looks wonderful. He is definitely working his magic. Can't go fishing with a messy boat.
It's awesome that he has his hobbies to keep him busy.

Ann in the UP said...

Well, I can't relate to any of that lawn talk. Our objective has been to plant as many "spreading" plants as possible with an eye to overtaking all grass. My current hope is that the raspberries will invade the entire lot.

So far we have violets, anemone, mallow, lily of the valley, forget-me-not and catmint creeping all over. But not we have a lawn guy too, so he lops it off anyway.

I can't find my blog said...

Lookin' good, Fisherhubby! My HD would be proud... and jealous!

Anonymous said...

I love lilacs too

Carolyn said...

Loved your post! My hubby is up to the same stuff with the weeds, fertilizer, etc. To add to it all, we planted a new lawn (with seeds) at the guest house and that catapulted him into bizzaro mode. Not enough rain. Too much rain. Too many birds around that eat seed... sigh...

Your lilacs are GORGEOUS!!!

j said...

Please don't let Fisherhubby read this but... did his magic go a little wonky one year? I remember a lawn that didn't survive on someone's blog. Was it yours?

Regardless, I'm sure all will be well this year. He definitely had his mouth held just right.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I've met a few fishermen in my day and I think that fishing tackle actually grows on them. There were days that I swear we didn't go to the store or get the mail and *pow* new tackle was on the table. LOL

I'm just happy to hear that FH keeps his boat clean and enjoys doing it. :)

Unknown said...

Yesterday in a shop in Bar Harbo, Maine, I came across a shirt to please both you and fisherhubby. It had "the periodic table of flies (as in fishing) on the front!!

Mrs4444 said...

Looks familiar (except for the boat). I wish I had some lilacs; the hubs and I enjoyed our neighbor's lilacs on a walk today--so fragrant :)