Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

All I know is that after 7 plus years of blogging and a different lappy, which I don’t like, I seem to have lost my blogging fervor.

Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Like the Energizer Bunny, He's Still Going

I've been rather absent from blogland this week, oh but PLEASE don't desert me now - - - I'll try to amend my ways. Just hit a little busy spell.

Fisherhubby has been at it again - - - or possibly I SHOULD say he is at it STILL.

The other day he said, "You aren't very observant, Keetha." and that was the only clue he would give me.

In my defense, I HAD been gone to camp for a week.

Anyway, knowing FH's propensity for tricks, I began looking around in earnest trying to find out what in the WORLD he had done THIS time.

Beauregarde Bearski was in his regular place AND wearing his scarf. Hmmmmmm what has that man done to me now?

Then I spied poor little Brunhilda all alone at 101 South Kitchen Table Way.

Where in the WORLD did that man I married put Borris, and WHY did he leave no ransom note?

FH would give me no clues, so I had to send out the search and rescue team, who were able to locate Borris after a frantic grid search.

He was down inside Cookie Jarbear.

Not to fear, I rescued him and he is back where he belongs with his beloved Brunhilda at 101 South Kitchen Table Way.

For a FEW days we are all safe from Fisherhubby's antics - - - he's been shipped off to Canada in search of those cold, wet, slimy, scaly green things for which he is named.



nancygrayce said...

Cute, Fisherhubby!!!! Real cute! Now you'll just have to get him back!

Lisa said...

So, did you ship your husband or Boris?

We use to have a Boris. He was a great big black lab everyone thought he was a bear.

Ann in the UP said...

Time for revenge. I'm not too good at revenge, but I'll try to find some creative thinkers to put on the task.

Keetha said...

You two have so much fun. Love it!

Marcus Woods said...

Maybe the bear just wanted cookies. I know I like cookies. I noticed in that picture that there were NO cookies in the cookie jar. Did he eat all of them? Was he sick?

Holly said...

I agree -- get him back! ;)

Kristin - The Goat said...

I went over to the bear's blog and told Borris how sorry I was for him. I am surprised that you didn't notice his absence faster, but you are a great rescuer and found him rather quickly! It would have taken me forever.