Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

All I know is that after 7 plus years of blogging and a different lappy, which I don’t like, I seem to have lost my blogging fervor.

Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wherein We Zip From Wisconsin to Indiana to Alaska and Back to Wisconsin all in One Blog Post!!


The Frozen Tundra has thawed - - - and warmed - - - and HEATED - - - and SCORCHED! There are heat advisories out for today as we approach 100. Doesn't seem possible that we had 9 inches of snow back in May - - -

Not to worry, by Thursday our high is only going to be in the 60's again.

Apparently the Frozen Tundra enjoys roller coaster weather.

No - - - I'm NOT complaining. Just telling it like it is.

My blogging life has been non-EVENT-full lately, at least where exciting events are concerned. So, today I give you random, unrelated, drivel - - - commonly called Eclectic Bits here.

Boston Tea Party:

That's Fenway Park painted on the wall over Mackinley's bed.
So the grans enjoy their Boston Tea Party
Back home in Indiana.

News From Our Klondike Gal Reporter:

Little Miss Carson has begun giving hugs!
Mom was thrilled to receive one - - -

And Carson was proud as punch to GIVE one.

Daddy David took this gorgeous photo
From a trail atop Mount Verstovia.
He said it was the hardest trail yet.

From the looks of THIS view, I'd say SO!!!

Food, Fun, and Fellowship

On the last Sunday evening of every month,
And even some Sunday evenings in between,
We gather with a group of friends for
Food, Fun, and Fellowship at Culver's.

We basically take over the place.

There is much talking and more laughing.

One week my friend Anita came in hobbling on crutches.
She'd had some major surgery done to one of her feet.

Anita is the SAME Anita of this tale.

And that's all I've "got".

I'll be running in and out of AC getting my nails and hair done later today. Then I shall be beautiful. HA!




Tonja said...

It is such a blessing sometimes when things just rock along the way they are supposed to go. No crisis. No drama. Just plain,'ole everyday life. Enjoy it! It rarely lasts for very long. Bummer.

lilmomma said...

Haha. I like your boston tea party. Jack is just getting to the age that his toys have conversations and his blocks are rarely just blocks! I love watching the imagination in children! P.s. You don't need your hair & nails done to be beautiful! God made you that way already, silly!

Diana Lesjak said...

Love the Tea Party! I have got to say my favorite part of this post is the very end. ttfn. Those four little letters made me smile with nostalgia ~ I remember writing that on many a school girl note!! Oh, that Carson is pretty cute too!

Grace said...

That was most newsworthy! Anytime a baby starts giving hugs and has such a gorgeous smile then the blog world needs to know.

Anonymous said...

looked like a whole lot of fun

tinajo said...

I like seeing pics like this - more please! :-)

Getting my nails done is one of my favourite luxuaries; it feels so great afterwards. I´ll never give that up! :-)

Rebecca said...

It's scorching here too~

Also, the view is spectacular. Love it and thanks for sharing!

Keri said...

YOU KNOW....that is Fenway Park painted on Mack's wall just above his bed as the backdrop to the tea party so Boston isn't completely eliminated from the equation. :)

j said...

How can you GET beautiful when you are already beautiful? It boggles my mind :)

Your grandbabies are precious.

Theresa said...

You are already beautiful, so the hairdresser is stealing your money:) Love the picture of the tea party AND the fellowshipping dinner!

Enjoy your evening my friend, HUGS!

Traci Marie Wolf said...

What adorable children.

Our weather has been unusually sunny for June. We'll see if it lasts.

Sometimes Non-EVENT-full is the best. said...

What gorgeous smiling faces, I would've loved to join that tea party.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

We hit 100 here yesterday! Breaking records like crazy and we were warmer than Phoenix too!
Now what's up with the 60's on Friday... I like my warm weather!
Cute pics my dear and I want my hair and nails done, I feel so not cute right now.

kyooty said...

Some days there are just too many things that are tiny to fit into one post but we want to share. The Grans are adorable. I find it fitting they are having tea with Boston in the background.

RuthnJasper said...

Aww, you're ALREADY beautiful, Keetha, you don't need any 'touching-up'! The little tots tea-party was adorable - what lovely children.

Hope your friend Anita makes a quick and full recovery from her op.

LOTS of love from Jasper (and Ruth) xxx