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Thursday, October 21, 2010

And Then THEY Descended Upon Us Like Flies!


The other day, in the midst of our packing to move, a sudden high wind and large hail storm hit. It sounded like a mob was beating our house with golf clubs.

I stood frozen in the family room debating if it was time to hide in the pantry while Fisherhubby stood at the front door shouting "blow it all away so we won't have to move anything!!!"

It did NOT blow it all away.

It DID do damage. Can you see it? HOLES in the siding? Here, let me help you:

Great! Just what we needed, hail damage that will have to be repaired. One more detail to take care of before we leave.

Early the next morning I phoned our insurance agent and got the ball rolling. (Small commercial - - - American Family Insurance is GREAT - - - very helpful - - - very thorough - - - very kind.)

And then THEY descended upon us like flies:

Storm chasers.

None of them from around here.

There were several more for which we didn't get a card or flyer.

One of them actually prefaced her "pitch" to me with "we are not a storm chasing company."

"Oh really?" thought I - - - "you just HAPPENED to be passing by our house today when you're based over an hour away. Hmmmmmmm interesting coincidence!"

I guess times are tough all over and they're hungry too.

We ignored all of them and called a local contractor whom we know and trust.

Oh - - - and the insurance check is already in our hands. See, I TOLD you American Family was great!

Update on 10/22/10 - - - more "storm chasers" appear daily at our door. One today was from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!!!!! Good grief.



j said...

Goodness Keetha! You certainly didn't need anything else to deal with. I had never heard of storm chasers until this post. It does have a vulturistic feel to it.

Glad that you and Fisherhubby were unharmed during the storm.

Sweet European Dreams said...

definitely NOT fun to have to add something to your list, but YAY for GOOD insurance companies! Hope the repairs are speedy and done well! -diane

Ann in the UP said...

It never rains, it hails! what a revolting development, but let's hear it for American Family Insurance. Bravo!

Theresa said...

It is awful that you have to deal with that before you move but WOW what an awesome insurance company!

Glad you shooed the flies away:) and went with someone you trusted! Have a blessed day and we'll pray for no more problems!


Anonymous said...

Yes, like you said, "times are tough", but all that extra paper to have to take to recycle is what makes me mad. Such a waste of paper AND TREES!


Cindy said...

I adore your blog. So light and fun and creative! I'm sorry about all the hail damage, geeze. Remind me again, is it WI where you're moving to?

Angie said...

American Family ought to put you on the payroll!

Just before we moved up here 8 years ago heavy rain after a dry spell caused the felt roof on one of our dormers to spring a leak. I must confess I did wonder if we might just get away with it. Kind of hit and run. Conscience ruled though and we had to pay £600. The insurance wouldn't cough up bewcause it doesn't cover the poor old roof, only any knock-on damage (like the incoming rain bringing down the ceiling or shrinking the carpet).

LV said...

What else is going to happen. I know you are anxious to get moved, but seems somethings keeps slowing you down. Do you think thee is a a message there? I no not like hail storms.

42N said...

Crap! A hail storm as you prepare to move? There is prediction for rain and possibility of T-storms at the game you and I will follow on Saturday. Maybe the rain will not fall during the game so the best team can win. Good luck to all.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sorry about the damage and just when you are leaving. They sure do sound like flies. Your insurance does sound pretty awesome.

Kristin - The Goat said...

You could put an eye out with one of those hail balls! So glad the insurance check wasn't a hassle to receive - let's hear it for the local guys!

Kristin - The Goat

Anonymous said...

DH and I were discussing something similar this morning. How can people take advantage of others when the chips are down? Case in point: foreclosures. Here in CO, there are alot of evil people showing up at homes saying that they can help them get through the process faster, IF ONLY THEY COULD GIVE THEM $$$$. Then they vanish.
Karma is going to get these folks, and the ones from OKC, too.
Glad your insurance is good. Nice holes, by the way. Just what you needed!!!
Stay safe,

Tonja said...

Hate that happened. Guess it's always good to have several folks to choose from. But, I would still go local as you did. So sorry this happened when it did. Bad timing!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh! I never knew hail could do damage like that. But then again we don't ever get hail here in Kern Co. In fact the other day we had a thunderstorm for the first time in almost 20 was awesome.

I work in insurance so it's so nice to hear of someone being happy with a company :-)

Lori R. said...

Wow!!!! how crazy is that!!! What a mess when all's you want to do is pack and get outta Dodge... Prayers for the stress to go away!!!

Pam said...

It is your door the flies are pestering, but you are not obligated to answer it! Post a sign, "Anyone who knocks will have to pack a box!" hehe

Martin LaBar said...

Storm chasers? Too bad that they exist.

I saw the end of the Wisconsin-Iowa game.