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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Bad Ugly Boys!


And when I say big bad ugly boys, I am NOT referring to wrestlers,

Nor to defensive linemen,

Nor even to Fisherhubby and his buddy Mark.

I am, instead, referring to Muskies. Those big, bad, ugly boys of North American fresh waters.

To some, and by some I mean freshwater anglers, they are the exalted prize. They are often referred to as the "fish of a thousand casts," so called for their elusive nature. There are fishermen who have spent a lifetime in pursuit of one, and been rebuffed every time.

Fisherhubby is NOT one of those. On his very first serious attempt to find a Musky, he bagged two. I've lost count since then of how many he has pulled out of deep cold waters.

On his last fishing trip he was fishing for bass, using six pound fluorocarbon test line, a 1.0 circle hook, and a five inch black Senko. (That info is PRECISELY for you, LEIGH!)

Imagine his joy and surprise when he pulled in this 37 inch, 10 or 11 pound Musky!!!

Oh, but wait - - - the day wasn't yet over!!! Three or four hours later, several degrees warmer, and in a totally different part of the lake he pulled out this:

A 42 inch, 17 to 18 pounder. With only 6 pound test line, and the big bad ugly JUMPING OUT OF THE WATER TWICE during the fray, Fisherhubby thought the line would break and all would be lost.

Buddy Mark was his cheerleader shouting, "Stay with it! You can do it!"

After a fierce 15 to 20 minute battle, the Musky King was the victor.

Buddy Mark was the true hero, for he remained positive and encouraging through the entire day in spite of catching NADA in the Musky department himself.

And if you wonder why I call them the BIG BAD UGLY BOYS, just take a peek at this:

The Big Bad Ugly 42 inch Boy in his natural habitat.

Esox masquinongy

I only wish you could see his mouth full of sharp teeth.



Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

HOLY SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PROPS to FIsherhubby!!!!!
I recall his last musky catch. I was excited then, but now. amazing!
It really looks like a baracuda! They have big teeth too.
I forgot, is it good eating? I think maybe you said it was a catch and release fish?

And thank you for the KNEW I'd ask!


shannon i olson said...

Oh my goodness.....that is what legends are made of the elusive Muskie!! wow! high five

Anonymous said...

Oh My! We REALLY need to hook up my Hubs and yours. Instant buddies, I promise you. I'll have to show Jim this post!!:)

nancygrayce said...

I just have one you eat that monster?????

Unknown said...

They are scary looking--I don't want to volunteer to remove the hook!

42N said...

Wow - an amazing haul all on one day! Where was he fishing? I have caught two or three muskies but they have been in the small range (under 5 lbs each) on Leech Lake, Minnesota - a big Musky lake. Congratulations and way to go on the catch and release.

Ann in the UP said...

Add my wow to the comments! The only thing bigger than the big ugly fish is the grin on Fisherhubby's face! Those bad boys will be smarter with the next fisherman.

That must have been one thrilling fight to get them to the boat!

Pammerys said...

Hi Keetha! I'm b-a-c-k...
My son is addicted to fishing Muskies. I'll have to forward this on to him... he'll be so jealous.

Theresa said...

EEWWWWWWWW that is one UGLY fish in the water but doesn't look so bad when held by your handsome fella:) What does he do with them after he catches them? Do you eat them? HMMMMM Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Lynn said...

Holy smokes! Are they good to eat?
That would send Rancher Fishy over the moon!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am so impressed. Now that is real fishing!

Lindy said...

You were right....they are big.....they are bad.....and, yes, they are ugly! Fun post - I enjoyed the info!

LV said...

What an exciting day that had to have been. I am not familiar with those kind of fish. We do not have them here. But there is a joy and pleasure with the ones that are caught here.

j said...

That a WHOLE lot of ugly fish.