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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Mystery of the Vanishing Waste Basket aka Where's Nancy Drew When You Need Her???


While settling into our hotel suite, which shall be our home for the next three days, I decided my hairbrush needed a good cleaning before I could, in good conscience, lay it out on the counter before Sister Pam, Dad, God, and everybody.

Sister Pam came into the bathroom looking for the waste basket in the usual hotel room place.

Puzzled on not finding it, she said: "Keetha, isn't this strange? There's no trash can here. Isn't this where they usually put one?"

"Hmmmm," says I. "That IS really strange. I've never been in a hotel room that didn't have a trash can there. Where do you suppose it is???"

I began thinking about calling down to the desk and asking for a trash can for our bathroom.

Sister Pam, ever the problem solver, found the waste basket in our bedroom and brought it out saying, "Don't you think we'd rather have this waste basket in the bathroom than have it in our bedroom?"

I agreed, relieved that I wouldn't have to call the front desk.

She went about her business and I continued cleaning out my hairbrush. When finished, I picked up the trash can to put it back on the floor, nearly ramming it into the one Sister Pam had just placed there.

Peals of laughter all around.

NOW you know JUST who you're dealing with here.

(Pssssst - - - I posted two posts back to back, don't forget to read the one just below this. I mean if you WANT to and all.)


ain't for city gals said...

not quite the same...but been there..done

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I really needed that laugh. It's like looking for your glasses and they are like on your head all the time!

Janet, said...

I love going on vacations! There's just something about staying in hotels. Have fun!

Unknown said...

That cracked me up! I've done things like that so many times!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I noticed that I had 9 Keetha posts in my reader and I knew I was a bit behind - then all of a sudden it turned to 11! I actually said outloud --- I'm behind and you post twice! LOL

Now about that trash can - That's hysterical!!! It's like looking for your glasses while wearing them :)

Enjoy your trip!
Kristin - Your friendly goat

Keri said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That's awesome.

Lori E said...

All in the family.

ann said...

How hilarious! This sounds just like something my sister and I would do.

Erin said...

Oh my goodness, you crack me up!

shannon i olson said...

Funny, Funny,when I was pregnant I looked for my purse for 20 min, it was on my arm. My husband still kids me....but he helped me look for it the whole time.

Anonymous said...

Been there....:)

I think it's a conspiracy among housekeepers, actually. They put the trash cans in odd places just to make you have to look for it....and I bet they are getting quite a chuckle out of it, too!

You two are cute!


kyooty said...

now I fear the "unfollow" button but I can't in good conscience let this one go.

Could this be a senior moment I hear about? I think i'm just too young to beable to identify yet. :P

(R and D)

ClassyChassy said...

Love it!!! Too funny!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You guys are way to funny!

Anonymous said...

hahah that's funny!

Angie said...

If your rubbish bin (trash can)out of the bedroom took up residence in the bathroom, where were you going to put all your sweetie (candy?) wrappers?

Kim Sue said...

too funny. i feel like i have moments like that quite often!

Jewel said...

hahahaha. It's too bad you DIDN'T call the hotel clerk. That would have made the story that much better!

Julie said...

Love your blog and your posts! It sounds as if you guys are having a great time-all of you sound like a lot of fun! :) Your dad looks GREAT for being 81.

BTW: I also carry a ginormous purse. haha