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Monday, June 14, 2010

And Then They Strapped Me Down!!


This is a "TMI" post alert - - - so if you choose to read on, please don't say I didn't warn you.

I wasn't going to talk about this on my blog, but then they just gave me sooooo much blog humor fodder I changed my mind.

I had a relatively minor surgical procedure today. Now, I am no stranger to the OR - - - this wasn't my first rodeo. It was however, my first time to EXPERIENCE so much of it. For some reason today, they began to "position" me BEFORE they put me to sleep.

(photo from
Of course, I had seen THIS part before. Don't you wonder how they manage to keep you on such a narrow, thinly padded little slab????

Well, wonder no more - - - I'm about to enlighten you.

The first thing that was different today from other of my surgeries was that a student or possibly he was only a job shadower - - - he didn't seem to have much knowledge as yet, was there to assist. So, right away - - - being a keen student and all - - - he began to strap me down - - - right across my abdomen.

Have I mentioned yet that I'm very claustrophobic? Well, consider it mentioned.

I felt that strap go across my abdomen and said, "Oh dear, I'm kinda claustrophobic." Perhaps at that point I should have begun screaming and pulling out my hair because evidently I was too calm and he didn't believe me.

So, I closed my eyes and began saying over and over to myself: "I can do this without hystrionics! I CAN do this! I WON'T scream! etc." Only I never said the etc.

(photo from
Next thing I know, that young whipper-snapper had pulled out crucifix arms and was strapping mine down to them!

Have I mentioned yet that I'm claustrophobic? Well, consider it mentioned - - - AGAIN.

I made another feeble attempt to explain my claustrophobicness, which attempt was also ignored.

More silent chanting of my new mantra in my mind.

(photo from
Just when I thought my chanting was going to get me through the strapping, something very much like this was lowered down over my nose and mouth.

Have I mentioned yet that I'm claustrophobic? Well, consider it mentioned - - - one more time.

Fortunately, my chanting didn't have to go on very long at this point for I was whisked away to some very dark and very silent place from which I didn't surface again until all the TMI part was finished.

And let me just say that the procedure seems to have gone very well, I came home this evening, and feel STRONG enough to be sitting here telling you the story.

Oh - - - but I have hip and thigh muscles and lower back suture joints, that I didn't even know I HAD until today, which feel like they were given a strenuous work-out while I was in that very dark and very silent place.

(photo from
I suspect some position like this was involved, only I wasn't awake nor was I smiling.

I'm very glad they didn't show me the video.


Brenda said...

Oh my goodness, Keetha. That last picture makes me hurt just looking at it.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh I am with you I want to be in the dark and quiet place before they strap me down! Glad you are ding well. Seems like I do remember the strapping of the arm once...or was I dreaming??

kyooty said...

If it's day surgery they have it so that you are under for the least amount of time possible and use the least amount of sleepy juice.

Ann in the UP said...

I'm sure that is true---least possible sedation. But mentioning being claustrophobic should be a clue to delay restraints until...

I count on you to make the most harrowing experiences funny. I'll be thinking of you during my MRI on Friday morning.

A in the UP

Erin said...

Goodness! That would be a most unpleasant experience. And who - WHO - can smile when in the position of the woman in the last picture. Who am I kidding? Who can even do that?!

Angie said...

I didn't think I was claustrophobic until I had my first MRI. I don't want to scare anyone, least of all an earlier commenter, Ann, because with hindsight an MRI isn't so bad. It;s just that first step into the unknown, your first glimpse of that tiny little tunnel! I sent myself off to my own dark and mysterious place by keeping my eyes shut from start to finish!

Angie said...

P.S. .....and if you think that operating table looks a bit narrow, you should see the knife-edge they expect you not to fall off of with an MRI! How on earth does anyone supersize manage?

Unknown said...

Yay for the dark and silent place!

shannon i olson said...

I got strapped down last summer for 3 spinal injections...didn't put me under, the first one was done with no, NO, medicine to dull the pain. Dr. said it wasn't needed. HELLO! It hurt so bad I had smelling salts under my nose the whole time I was wheeled back to the recovery room so I wouldn't pass out from pain! Pfft! let me give him a shot while he's stapped down and can't do anything about it. Hope your doing better!!

Coloradolady said...

Oh...girl, you totally had me laughing out loud....not at the fact you had surgery, but you encounter and story...that last picture just lost it for me....if I had been put in that position, no matter asleep and in a dark place, I doubt my legs would have gone back together much less been able to walk......hope you recover quickly, and glad you still have all your humor intact!!!

Debbiedoos said...

One word VALIUM!!~ You are funny, I too would have hated every second of that. I once many many years ago had to have a Cat scan...I had so much anxiety I thought I would die before the procedure was though. I lived!~

Tonja said...

I would have been on the phone the next morning with the OR person in charge...and they would hear how they terrorized me! There is no excuse for that! Even though it was funny hearing you tell was NOT funny when you were going through it.
I have made a point of telling many a OR and anesthesia person that we are not leaving the prep room if I know about it. I always hated the thought of my boys being frightened and made sure they were always asleep BEFORE leaving me!

Hope all is well with you!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am glad to hear that you are doing okay. They should have put you out!! I would have felt that way too I think. Fun story :)

Pam said...

Your blogging output today is certainly proof positive that you are feeling pretty good! I couldn't believe how late it was when Greg texted that you had finally been released last night.

I saw your c-box call out to Dar. Lynne called me this aft; he had just chatted with Dad after learning from Mark Wilson about Alice Mae's passing. I'll fill you in next week about his recent visit to the hospital.

The one with the shoes said...

glad your surgery went well!! we were going to come visit but were just waaaay too exhausted after water sports with kelly all weekend... love you mom

Kristin - The Goat said...

I had no idea that you were going to get strapped to a table on this day. I would have sent some extra large, giant spaces to you, telepathically of course :)

Hope you are healing nicely.

Kristin - The Goat

nancygrayce said...

I am also very claustrophobic and I let everyone who is in hearing distance know about it before anybody starts touching me! I mean I make it well known.....even the dentist hates to see me coming. So all I have to say is bless your heart. Next time, start crying hysterically. It always works! They put you under much quicker!

Julie said...

I can assure you from working in OR (although I just assisted with pregnant mama's who had C-sections) that those beds are LITTLE and NOT comfortable!! No wonder you were sore! Hope you are feeling better!