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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Morning Cuteness


Sharing a little random collection of cuteness this drizzly Saturday morning - - -

Mr. or Ms Squirrel LOVES to raid our bird feeder station.

But this one was just so stinkin' cute with his/her tail looped through the feeder hook.

Little Miss Piper sportin' her "new" hand-me-down from big Sissy two-piece. I think she's rather PROUD of her physique, what do you think???

But all that struttin' around in a bikini is hard work - - - makes a girl just wanna take a little nap.

Of course, after the nap - - - a girl's just gotta have fun - - - again!!!

This is a bitter sweet moment. The sweetness is the love these two have for each other. The bitterness is the fact that they have to say good-bye after a lovely weekend together.

How many children in this world only get short every-other-weekends together as siblings, only to be torn apart at the end of each one.

I know one thing - - - it breaks this Kamma's heart.

We just have to make the most of every opportunity to be together. Love, love LOVE during those together days.



Anonymous said...

Why are they not together all of the time. Parents split up? That last photo is the saddest thing I've ever seen.


Jojo said...

pure sweetness! Oh if only we all could be so at ease with our bodies.

As the grandmother of two who live "across the pond" from their dad (my son), I could go on for days about families and the splits. We just make the best of times when we are all together.

Julie Harward said...

Ohhh, that is sad breaks my heart too! The little blond is so cute! And the squirrel is too...wish we had some here, they are such cute little monkeys! Come say hi :D

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so sad. Everyone has me in tears today. Cute squirrel pictures. They must all be out because I see several of them as I go through my blog reading. Sorry for your heartache.

Kristin - The Goat said...

That squirrel has one really long tail. All I can say is that thankfully the kids can see each other, no matter how often. I'm sure that there is a bigger story behind the scenes, but thankfully they do get to know one another.

Piper is of course adorable!!

Jenny said...

Oh man. How horrible that must be for everyone not to be together. Those sweet children. It is so sad.

They are both adorable...and the squirrel picture is a real smile!

LV said...

Keetha, your post today was great. The squirrels are cute but they sure can tare up your yard. However, the best part is that precious child. Nothing can beat a child for making the best of everything.

Keri said...

We have been working hard for 6 years trying to make it so they don't have to say goodbye every other weekend any more. It's difficult, because we're human, for us to remember that God is in control and He has a plan and it is to prosper us, not to harm us.

Kirby, thank you for your comment, you are exactly right. There is a big story to why it is the way it is.

Julie said...

Your grandchildren are adorable! I don't what your family is going through right now, but the love you guys have for each is obvious. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I loved your photos, but my heart aches for the pain you feel for your grand kids being separated so frequently. dana

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

There really should have been a "Cuteness warning" on this post! Adorable!

Martin LaBar said...

Cute, indeed. You must have gotten some of the rain that really hit Tennessee.