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Saturday, May 29, 2010

End of School Activities - Part Three - Sophomore Antics


About two weeks before the end of school, I took my sophomores on a "mini" field trip/lab.

We started out by eating lunch together at Culvers, as you can see it was a very popular choice!

Around the table from left to right are Brandon, Jessica, Seth, Baili, Audrey, Rebekah, and Zach.

After lunch we spent time at Meijer's where, clip boards in hand, they searched food labels for examples of the organic compounds and minerals we'd been studying in class.

I told these girls they looked like "Charlie's Angels."

Seth chillin' as he waits for the others to get finished.

The next day, this is how they THANKED me.

Oh how great it is when student love is expressed so freely!!


I drove around town sporting their calligraphy for days until the rain removed it.

You may or may not remember the significance of the "ditching" epitaph. If you are curious, you can read about it here.and here.

On the last day of school, this was delivered to me.

On the back, another reference to their abandonment issues.

But inside?

Pure sweetness.

Thank you, Jessie!

And now, to close this last of my many Sophomore posts, here are a few examples of the wittiness with which they regaled me about my age on a daily basis in class:

Brandon: It's hard to picture you as anything young.

Baili: Compared to you, Mrs. Broyles, he's a little kid!!!
Brandon: Are you kidding me??? Compared to HER Abe Lincoln is a little kid!!!!

Seth: Everyone's time comes sometime.
Brandon: And you've had a REALLY LONG time, Mrs. B.

Mrs. B: I'm in Mackinley's Hall of Fame
Baili: For living the longest!


Anonymous said...

Such sweetness from your students... this would have left me in tears. I wish you a great summer and luck in your job-finding journey ahead.


Angie said...

I would have been in floods of tears too; were you? Or were you "Mrs. Broyles" to the end? My brother has been a teacher for years but I can't imagine his students loving him like this! He would definitely be "Mr F," and no messing!

kyooty said...

they are totally going to give you a "me" complex if they keep this up. :p

Jojo said...

Obviously you are not only a great teacher but you taught great kids. It was meant to be that you were in their lives and vice versa.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They loved you so much and you loved them just as much in return.
What a sweet post and just think years from now they can show this to their children! You were truly blessed being a teacher and each child was blessed too! ((HUGS))

Kristin - The Goat said...

Culvers!! I've been there with you, too :)

What a great note!! and those kids don't know what old is LOL not if they think you're it?!! haahahaha It's still funny to hear.

Ann in the UP said...

Thanks for showing them that "older" than they are isn't a sad or gloomy prospect. And for having fun with them yourself.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

How long before you're in Hayward?

Ann in the UP.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for your work, love, and caring.

Anonymous said...

I used to think 34 was going to be soooo old when the year 2000 hit .. haha ..