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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving "Turkeys"

We had plenty of turkey for Thanksgiving, and not ALL of it went "gobble gobble!!!"

Check it out:

Jason, our "Little Cheese" S-I-L and Joe, our ornery B-I-L showed up wearing the EXACT same sweater. Who called whom to coordinate the "outfits" guys???

You earn the First gobble!!


Brother-in-law-in-law (that is NOT a typo) Jeff.

Oh PUH-LEASE do NOT feel sorry for him that I posted THIS photo. He has RICHLY deserved it. Richly.

We first met at MY SISTER's wedding - - - you know- - - the one where she married his BROTHER. He was best man, I matron of honor. He still had hair - - - LOTS of it.

It was a love-hate relationship at first sight. Love-hate.

I do NOT remember what we were discussing in this photo, I only remember that I was RIGHT!!!

Never mind that we are totally eclipsing the bride and groom - - -

Oh, and all you retro lovers, this was circa 1976 - - - December 31, 1976 to take all the circa out of it.

Let's take another look at those two faces, side by side. Quite a picture we make, huh? Can't you just see all the love-hate goin' on???

We still have the love-hate relationship - - - makes life more interesting.

We get the SECOND gobble.


Who's this??? Peyton Manning or G. Kelly Broyles????

Doesn't he clean up well? He looks so dignified and mature in this picture.

Looks are deceiving - - - this was just before he OPENED that pantry door and began removing the labels from the cans, and that was just before he followed me around the kitchen "crookeding" all the stools and chairs I was straightening.

Oh the stories I could tell about this boy and his antics - - - but I don't really need to because:

His sister and B-I-L created a CLONE of him, whom they named Mackinley, and I'll just tell HIS stories AS THEY HAPPEN!

Just LOOK at these two - - - they get the THIRD gobble.


Take a look at this precious little turkette! She's got her snuggy blankie and is already clutching a bottle of my fingernail polish.

Check out her boots:

Aren't those the sweetest, cutest, daintiest little feet you've ever seen?

She gets the FOURTH gobble - - - the fashion gobble.


Indiana Jones Mackinley James Baker. Look at this kid!!! He wore this hat and backpack, which contains his train track, nearly all afternoon!!!

If he doesn't make you smile, your lips are BROKEN!!!

Macky James, I LOVE you and YOU get the FIFTH gobble!!!



Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Well look at all the Gobblins! (Wrong holiday? ;-)

The look on your face in the wedding photo is the most hysterical thing I have ever seen. Looks like you're leading a, er, rather spirited discussion. And that your sister is deeply, deeply concerned. Or horrified. Can't quite put a finger on it. :-) I love it!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love this post. Lots of fun seeing all the pictures. Love the boots!

Connie N. said...

This post was great, made me smile, made me laugh. Thanks for sharing the pics and the stories.

Keri said...

That picture from Aunt Pam's wedding is hysterical! I don't think I've ever seen that one! Aunt Pam and Uncle Joe look like they want to LEAVE! hahahaha! :)

Look at my precious baby girl! I'm stealing that picture!

Kristin - The Goat said...

That's a five gobbler for sure! I can't believe they had the same shirt - hysterical :) That's quite a look your giving circa Dec 31, 1976. Your son took the labels off the cans on Thanksgiving? or some time in the past? I think this is one of the reasons why I don't have canned food LOL Those little shoes on Piper - cute! Indiana Jones carried a backpack all day haha! What a hoot - all of it, what a hoot.

Anonymous said...

that was fun to read and look at

Shannon said...

I love Piper's boots, I've almost gotten them a few times for Halle. She's so stylish! What a beautiful fam you have! I love that old picture of you and you are a brave one for posting it!

Nancy said...

You had me smiling and laughing with this post!

12/31/76 -- I wish I could have remembered your "discussion" with Jeff. I remember a few other things you said that evening, but not this. Poor Pam, I think she is envisioning a lifetime of standing (or sitting) between you & Jeff.

Darling pics of the grans, they are so cute.

This post makes my Thanksgiving day seem boring in comparison.

Tonja said...

Great post! But, my fav gobblers are the last 2 ... just precious!

j said...

I love all of your gobblers! You are blessed with a loving (hating) family :)

The 'vintage' pictures are hysterical.

Pam said...

I believe that I was caught cleaning my lower teeth w my tongue in the vintage wedding pic. Our photographer filled our album w his choice of pics; I am glad that he did because we certainly would not have chosen that pic ourselves but have chuckled over it many times during the past 33 years!

Ann in the UP said...

Absolutely! All the stuff the people before me said.

Here's to all the old characters in the family, and to the young ones who are filling their shoes really fast.

I think my favorite is the chair crookeder, and label remover. I'm amazed he made it to his present age, with antics like that!

It's fun to spend time with the people you have history with, especially if someone captured it on film, too. LOL

Shannon said...

Haha! Those are great pictures! Too funny!

Janean said...

precious little turkette is my pick for Turkey of the year! the 1976 photos??? FAB!!!!! thanks for the giggles (and gobbles).

nancygrayce said...

Too, too cute....and catch the look on the bride's face! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving and I love those little boots!

Julie said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!!!!! Love those boots!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Your grandchildren are gorgeous! Oh, my goodness-those boots are precious. And lil Indiana JOnes, I just want to hug!
The pic of you and your brother in law in law, priceless. Your faces...and your sisters. Priceless. I laughed out loud at that one!