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Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Midnight in the Frag-arden of Good and Evil

I never saw the movie from whose name I stole the idea for this blog title.  But these frags of mine are getting linked to Mrs. 4444's party pretty close to midnight AND me, myself, and moi are the EVIL part.

I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD blogger who has posted nary ONE WORD since last Friday's Fraggin' Party.   I have no legitimate excuse - - - just seems that life keeps moving and my fingers-on-the-keyboard do NOT.

Thank goodness for Friday - - - even Friday midnight - - - which inspires me to post my weekly frag-arden here for all to enjoy.
* * * Spring on the Frozen Tundra Update * * *
In order to see any pre-Easter daffies AT ALL, I had to buy them in a pot and bring them home.  You can see the snow just outside the patio doors.

Little aside - it was nearly 50 the day I bought these, but the girl in the shop told me to "cover them with a plastic bag to take them home or they'd freeze."

?????  It's above freezing out.

Well - - - it only takes 10 degrees less than the indoor temperature to freeze them.

?????? Methinks she doesn't comprehend the word FREEZE.  

As you can see, they survived just fine sans a baggy covering.

WOOOO HOOOO!!!  Even here on the frozen tundra tiny little buds are sticking their little noses up out of the dirt!!!!  A promise of new life.

Of course, they are sooooo tiny I circled them for your viewing pleasure.

AND, if you had a big ole snow bank hanging right over YOUR head, you might be slow to stick YOUR nose up out of the soil too!!!

I am VERY happy to report that after a week of mid 40 degree days, the snow banks are shrinking and the patio-ponds are growing.
* * * Easter Report * * *
MIL Robin still treats us at Easter even though Fisherhubby and I have long since stopped making baskets for each other.

This cardboard egg arrived on our doorstep just PACKED with the most delicious Easter cookies and treats imaginable.

Thank you sooooooo much, Robin.  We are doling these out slowly and savoring EVERY bite.

Fishserhubby and I were "home alone" on Easter.  After enjoying the Easter worship celebration at our church,  we chose to go to the Easter Buffet at the Supper club.

No only did Kathy, the proprietoress, have everything looking good - - -

She had an over-abundance of delicious delicacies spread far and wide.

There was a CROWD there.  A CROWD.   Fisherhubby and I had reservations, but we were still nearly lost in the crush.

We decided next year we'll just come home and enjoy our OWN fine dining right here, even if it ISN'T a feast like this.
* * * Out With the 70's * * *
And in with something even older.

I've been watching for antique pieces that I LOVE to replace our purchased-new-by-us-circa-1976 bedroom suite.

Last Saturday I found a tall dresser that I LOVED at one of my favorite local antique haunts.

I slapped my money down on her counter faster than snot on a doorknob!!!

But I had to LEAVE my treasure there until the pond of snow melt and rain subsided from in front of the door.

Today was the day that this little beauty came home with us.

You know what THAT meant - - - that meant moving out of the old 70's dresser, into the new OLDER one, and then delivering the 70's piece to its new home.

Here's a close-up of my FAVORITE detail.

Yes Lisleman, (and some of the rest of you too) I can already HEAR you saying "where are you going to PUT all these things you keep bringing home???

Well - - - - just wait till you see the NEXT bit in this frag-arden!
* * * Impulse Buying * * *
When I arrived at the little shop today to pick up my new old dresser, I spied THIS piece which the proprietoress had put in the spot my dresser was vacating.

Do you SEE this???  The top section is a secretary with three drawers underneath and a long narrow glass fronted door on either side.

I flipped over the price tag and took about ten seconds to say, "I'll take this too."

There was only one other customer in the shop at the time, and she came up to pay at the same time I did.  I said she should go first unless she wasn't finished shopping.

She said, "Well, I WANTED that secretary desk."

If she thought I'd say she could have it, she was gravely mistaken.   

She'd been in the shop since long before I got there, she'd had plenty of time to snap up the secretary, and besides - - - ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND ANTIQUING.
* * * Doctor Who? * * *
Fisherhubby is watching "Doctor Who" in the next room.

"Exterminate!!!   Exterminate!!!"

Oh - - - if you've watched that classic at all, you know why I said that.

But, did you know that Doctor Who has been turning out new episodes for 50 years?   Yep, 50 years and still producing more Daleks.

And Fisherhubby is a "cult" follower of the Doctor.

But not quite for all 50 of the years.
* * * Doing the Shuffle * * *
The furniture shuffle that is.

Since my impulse secretary buy earlier today, I had to shuffle things about to "squeeze" it into a prominent spot so I can see it and love it every single day.

So - - - this little bench was demoted to the foot of the bed so the secretary could take pride of place front and center.
* * * Internal Affairs * * *
My internal affiars need a bit of rearranging, so I'll be going all laparoscopic for a bit of bilateral salpingo oopherectomy on Wednesday.

I don't anticipate any trauma to speak of, but Fisherhubby tells me that if there is any, and I end up on a ventilator, not to worry 'cause he'll unhook me.

But mes amis, I do not WANT to be unhooked - - - so please don't let him do it!!!

This is a long time threat of his - - - that little skunk.  He knows my death-fears and thrives on plaguing me with promises of unhooking my ventilator.

It does not make me feel any safer knowing that being a medical provider he knows exactly HOW to do it!!!
* * * Out Like a Lamb * * *
At the little antique shop this week I found this darling little Lambie-kin.

He is covered in the softest sweetest lambie wool you can ever imagine.
Here he is in his surroundings at the shop so you can see his relative size.

I must not be a TOTAL impulse buyer 'cause I REALLY wanted him, but left him there for some other buyer to snatch up.

Hmmmm, maybe the lady that wanted my secretary will get him!

I thought of Kathy at Spot on Cedar Pond 'cause she raises sheep and makes lots of clever things with their wool.
* * * Grand Grans * * *
Mackinley taking a walk with his mama on the River Greenway.

Not too green yet - - - but it'll happen!!

Gangsta Pippa is in da house!!!
 * * * I Kid You Not!!! * * *
It is snowing out even as I type these posts about Spring.
* * * Eating Good in our Neighborhood * * *
I snapped this shot of the entrance of our favorite Friday night watering hole.

I thought I was pretty artistical.
* * * Number One Son Strikes Again * * *
This is our oldest son, Kelly, who is 32 and a half going on 13.   Here he is sporting his Auntie Pam's chandelier prism as an ear-bob.

Oh, I circled it so you'd notice.

I won't EVEN tell you the OTHER pranks that boy did to his sweet little unsuspecting Auntie on his recent visit.
* * * Salutations * * *
That's all that's growing in my frag-arden tonight.


Please hurry over to Mrs. 4444's place
Where you will see LOTS of other frag-ardens
AND where you can sprout some frags of your own,
Should you so choose.


Doreen McGettigan said...

We didn't get any serious snow this winter but it is still cold. I have NO idea how I have a bunch of daffodils.
I am SO excited though because it is supposed to be in the 60's and even reach 70 next week.
Your grands are beautiful and getting big. We have a 10 and 3 year old this weekend. Never a dull moment.
I LOVE that secretary, good find!
Have a blessed weekend...

podso said...

Yes I like the new dresser and that secretary too. What an unusual piece. A nice place for your teacups ---and writing old fashioned letters. :-) Hope it all goes well Wed.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

My Word, Woman! I think you need a bigger place for all of your "finds," but I, too, would have found it hard to resist that secretary. It's beautiful. I have a dresser in my bedroom that I bet you would admire. It is actually my ex husband's great, great grandmother's. Id' always admired it so when he dad and stepmom sold their house she gave it to me "for The Girl." We both agreed that a (then) 4 year old did not need an antique dresser to mama would "keep" it in the meantime! :-)

Good luck with your "rearrangement." Hope all goes well!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

We've got plants poking up here, too. I saw my hostas popping up yesterday, and I practically squealed and ran to get my camera to take a picture of them! DH rolled his eyes and said that he supposed that the picture was for my blog ... I said sure. ha!

LOVE your new antiques! Someone needs to tell that other customer that if you snooze, you lose. ha!

Cathy said...

I love the dresser and the secretary both. That's the kind of stuff I grew up with. My mom and dad are great antiquers. My brother and his wife just recently opened a vintage style shop. That's where I bought my 50's style kitchen table and chairs that I love.

I also really like that lamb. Wish I lived closer and it would go home with me. haha

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love catching up with you Keetha! We have had a cooler Spring but of course no snow here in the 'south'. Love and want both the dresser and the secretary! I am so glad they came home with you!!!! Tell Fisherhubby no pulling of plugs please! Take care~
hugs, Linda

Lady Jane said...

Love the frags showing how busy you have been. Very nice purchases!! That secretary is to die for. You do have a knack for picking up neat things. Fisher hubby would never umplug... Prayers will be with you.

Keri said...


And I love that WE get to be beside the secretary. :)

I have learned from my MIL that antiquers can be NASTY. Glad you didn't get shanked over that thing.

Kelly informed us at Easter dinner that he had to REPIERCE his ear to wear that "bob". Oh that brother of mine.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've had a busy week and looks like all of those treats gave you plenty of energy. I sure wish I had been shopping with you to snatch up that lamb! How precious! Love your new furniture, too. You'll feel like you're in a new room now. So much great storage and display nooks! Hope everything goes well with you. Sending you some sweet Southern hugs!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It was a pretty good movie! Hooray for the buds. Love the dresser, it's gorgeous. That secretary piece is also gorgeous. You did good!!!! I think I would have taken the lamb too, he is so pretty.

viridian said...

Great Antiquing finds! I admired the dresser, then scrolled down and POW - the secretary! Good for you snatching that up.
Apprciated your pics of the tiny buds too!!!

Bill Lisleman said...

That's a favorite movie of ours. Great music in it too.
Couple of pictures at the top of the post reminded me of satellite images.
Thanks for the shout-out. Combination of being busy and coming down with a cold delayed my FF rounds. I suspect the reason you didn't post anything since last FF post was because you are too busy acquiring new furniture and rearranging current furniture. All the rearranging keeps you on your toes since you don't want to stub your toes.

Karen and Gerard said...

I really like your new chest of drawers. I would have loved to have kept my parents dressers but just didn't have room for them. We already have three, no FOUR, dressers in our bedroom as it is!

LV said...

No one does frags as well as you. You are something else and so entertaining. Trust whatever your issues are that it will not be serious.

Charlotte said...

Sorry about the snow. You got some good deals. I'm so glad you didn't back down on the secretary desk. I constantly tell people at yard sales, "If you wanted it, you should have paid for it!". Have a great week.

42N said...

I wish you well with your surgery. I was going to write about how your glaciers retreated to expose the new plant growth but your health is much more important.

Anonymous said...

If I could have found your lovely bargains I'd have just ignored the snow. What fantastic buys! I love them both but that secretary??? I want it right now!!!!! You are always in the right place at the right time. Me? Not so much.

Powdered Toast Man said...

So is the new older dresser from 1979?

Anonymous said...

It was snowing today in Helsinki!
Had enough of winter...please, spring come, come! :)

Erin said...

You have great taste in antiques! That dresser is beautiful!

Tell FH that if you are not back to blogging very soon, we'll suspect that he has unplugged you! Now all of bloggy land knows to keep an eye on him. ;)

KathyB. said...

Keetha, I don't think many can compare to you when it comes to making frags fun to read. You always make me laugh.

I love your new / old dresser and the secretary. They'd fit well into my home too, but I wouldn't want to wrangle with you over them, you're too quick-witted. You'd have me bent over laughing as you hauled your treasures away.

(Thanks for the mention!)