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Monday, May 14, 2012

Quiet Star - Barn Charm


This barn is just outside of Wisconsin Rapids on George Road. Isn't "she" a beauty?

Little aside about the name of MY town: When I tell folks from other states that I live in Wisconsin Rapids, they OFTEN say, "Don't you mean Rapids, Wisconsin???"

"Uh, no - - - I MEAN Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin."

Ha - - - I think I know where I live.

Now back to the barn business at hand - - -

Neat as a pin and definitely still a working barn - - - at least of sorts. I forgot to ask if the main barn houses cows or cattle, though I didn't see any about the place.

This end of the barn has horse stalls and is the work room of my friend - - -

Lori. Lori keeps her horses in the stalls and fashions her "magic" to sell later in her little shop - - -

The Quiet Star, one of the cutest antique and collectibles shops around. But, it is only open three times a year, so you gotta get on the mailing list if you don't want to make a wasted trip.

You can see MORE of this darling shop here and here, not to mention all of "it" that you will see if you follow me around my house - - - 'cause I've been bringing home the bacon!!!

Now, head on over to see the OTHER amazing barns at Barn Charm this week.

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Carletta said...

I like the rich look of the wood on the barn!
It is nice and neat - I like them that way. I couldn't be a messy farmer. :)
Love that row of old wheels and milk cans!
Lovely post!
Please tell your friend her store looks so inviting. I'd come shop if I was close.

42N said...

Another great barn complex. Nice weathered barn wood. Do they have livestock? I like the Quiet Star name too.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Nice barn. I like the wheels and cream cans along the side.
I would love to visit the Quiet Star. It's so cute.

Elaine said...

Lovely barn and The Quiet Star looks like a delightful shop!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh that is cute Keetha!
Yes, I will have to get up there sometime for one of her sales!
Again I am blogging late at night.
Took care of Addi for part of the day and then sat with my Mom in the ER for 3 hours.
She's ok, an infection but it was making her terribly dizzy.
I probably should go to bed.
Hugs friend,

podso said...

Beautiful barn ... so is her shop at the farm?

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

A perfect subject for this meme. It is positively charming!

Tanya Breese said...

nice one! i would love to check out that little shop!

nancygrayce said...

Oh, that's a charming barn! I'd love to visit her shop......I've never been to Wisconsin, but Wisconsin Rapids sounds like someplace I need to visit! :)

Jan n Jer said...

Nice barns...that little shop looks so inviting!

TexWisGirl said...

stopping here makes me homesick!!! growing up nearby, i don't think twice about hearing wisconsin rapids. :)

love those dairy farms!

Anonymous said...

LOVE dark wood barns, they're my fave of all! What a beauty & cute like wood fence & wheels ... cute shop, too.

Thanks for joining =)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Beautiful barn and shop! I'd love to visit the Quiet Star. Love the look of the lane going up to the barn in the first shot, too.

Ruta said...

What a great set up! Love those old wagon wheels and the rusty old milk cans too!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! And I would LOVE to visit that antique shop....alas, Wisconsin is a bit of a trip from Virginia - even to antique!

Alyx said...

Wait, don't you mean Rapids, Wisconsin??
And that barn is awesome, even if it may not be home to smelly cows. Her shop is so adorable - I love it!!

Amy Burzese said...

That is a neat barn, literally!

Tami said...

I was driving to a friends house and passed by three cows grazing on a persons front yard. There was a police officer and home owner scratching their heads. Apparently the cows got loose from a farm and no one knew what to do.

Debbie said...

wow, that is one beautiful place. i like when they are neat and tidy and i like when they are falling apart ;))))

Faye said...

What a challenge it must be to keep such an orderly place when so much has to go on to keep a farm running--sign of a good farmer. But any livestock and crops are just as well tended. Good luck to your friend with her creative venture.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous barn and buildings, Keetha. And what a neat friend to have -- I'd love to browse her shop!

don said...

A neat "working barn" that looks so good. Interesting detail including the Quiet Star. Nice post.

EG CameraGirl said...

Lori has a beautiful setting for her shop!

Jenny said...

Three times a year!?!

Wow! It would be like a giant treasure hunt! I love her schedule.

It's a little far for me to come, though....Rapids OR Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin!

Martin LaBar said...

Yes, that's a beautiful barn.

On Wisconsin Rapids - as you know, Central, South Carolina gets some misunderstanding, too. It's in the Northwest corner, not in the center.