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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Big Girl Galoshes


We're having good old Wisconsin gully washer thunder storms all across our state today from west to east.

Gully Washers - - - toad stranglers - - - pitch fork and hammer headers - - -

And yet ONE of the "sleeping beauties" pictured above (she will KILL me for posting THIS picture) is putting on her BIG GIRL galoshes, braving the rising waters, dodging the rain drops, and heading across state from Black River Falls over this way so we can have a "girls day out."

More later - - -



Erin said...

Now how did you manage to get a picture with everyone's eyes closed? There's always one, and it's usually me, but three sets of closed eyes is impressive! Have a fun girls day!

podso said...

Only you would be clever enough to name such a pic Sleeping Beauties! Have fun!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Oh I love galoshes...I can't wait!...:)JP

Pam said...

For one of these sleeping beauties, heading across her state would take her farther from Wis Rapids rather than closer. Going on 2 years since she's had the privilege of hiking around WI - and reaping the reward of wild parsnip burns from doing so!

Ann in the UP said...

Have fun you "guys"----that's UPease for people, and know that we're all jealous of your afternoon together!

Anonymous said...

I'd take a GULLY WASHER, please. It is BONE DRY here and our rivers and lakes are really getting desperate looking.

Oh, a girl day. Does it get any better?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I hope it was fun!