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Friday, May 11, 2012

Gonna Take a Frag-A-Ment-Al Journey


Fragment The Third

Today 4, COUNT THEM - - - THAT'S FOUR - - - major pieces reached out, grabbed the tail of my shirt, and refused to let go until I PROMISED to bring them home with me.

I had to make two trips to get them all home.

The final piece I brought home was the dresser pictured next to last in "Fragment the Second." It is still "sleeping" soundly in the hatch of my car, so I'll have to show it to you in its new habitat on a later post.

But the table and sewing cabinet-drawers did come all the way in and get settled in their new environments.

Unfortunately I do not have room in the upstairs portion of our tiny little duplex to keep them together, so for the time being they have had to part ways.

The sewing cabinet drawers have moved in under the dining room dressing-table-buffet.

Some of my recent and not so recent glass and china pieces have adorned the drawers.

The table has moved into the Football Cave.

Since I took this photo, more family pictures have found their home on the lower shelf of the table.

Now - - - scroll down yet once more to see the "Musical Chairs" all this old newness caused. (Or if you prefer, new oldness.)

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podso said...

I wondered if you would buy that wonderful piece! It looks great! My eye caught the dresser as well. I bet that occasional opener was glad she opened the day you visited!

Kay said...

The wood sewing cabinet is just beautiful!! I need you to teach me this antiquing thing. Your choices are very lovely!!

Skoots1moM said...

love that sewing cabinet
so pretty!

Mrs4444 said...

Those are really beautiful pieces. It seems like you do a lot of shopping like this, but your house doesn't look like it's overflowing; are you sure you don't have a leak somewhere?? :)

Erin said...

Gorgeous! You are going to have to move to a bigger place! ;)