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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have FUN Now!


I told you this morning that someone was going to put on her Big Girl Galoshes and "swim" halfway across our state on a camel trail to visit me in spite of the gully washers we were getting this morning.

Well, she braved those elements and came, Miss Cindy of Applestone Cottage.

We had made plans to have a girls day out - - - and WHAT a day we had.

First we got a little bit comfy right around here to chat.

We "let" Fisherhubby in on this chatting bit - - - but then we left him home alone while we ran off to play.

Don't worry, he didn't cry, because he knew I could be trusted to bring him home some lunch.

Our FIRST stop was my favorite "Mexican Watering Hole".

"Dos fajita quesadillas con pollo, por favor!"

Yummy stuff - - - but no pictures today, sorry.

After lunch I took Cindy down for a dip in the creek - - - Cranberry Creek.

She got to meet Miss Jodi and EVERYTHING.

We wandered around "browsing" the various delights.

Cindy spent nada but I - - - true to form - - - bought a few items I couldn't resist.

My first treasure was this mini bowl and pitcher set. There is a STORY about this, but no time to tell it now. Tune back tomorrow for my Friday Frag post 'cause I BELIEVE I may have time to tell it then.

Next I found these - - - WHAT A PRIZE!!!!

My friend Podso recently posted pictures on her blog of egg cups, which made me go into covet mode. Well, not exactly COVET mode 'cause I would NEVER want to steal hers - - - but I'd been WANTING to find a couple of eggs cups pour moi, with zero success.

UNTIL TODAY!!!! These three little cups just BEGGED to come home with me, and I was ecstatic to add them to my eclectic family!!

And THIS was the last little treat I brought home.

NO - - - not the fishing doo-dad, that belongs to Fisherhubby of course.

No, I brought home the little red stylus which is EXACTLY like one my dad used to have when I was a little girl. Now I just gotta find an ink bottle and the set will be complete.

After the Creek, I took Cindy over to meet my real life friend, Eloise (pronounced E-Lois)

Aside: Cindy told me she THOUGHT when she saw me put "pronounced E-Lois" in my blog that I MUST be mixed up. Hehehehehe

But NOT - - - she is Eloise, pronounced E-Lois, and I should KNOW 'cause she IS my real live friend, after all.

I had told Cindy that visiting Eloise was BETTER than going to ANY antique shop - - - but no one can quite imagine that until they go to SEE her.

Eloise has every nook, every cranny artfully and tastefully adorned with antiques and fun collectables.

I only wish my photos could do her decor justice.

They cannot - - - but at least you get a TINY inkling of how cute her place is.

We tell her ALL THE TIME that if she ever wants to make a little cash, she can just put price tags on some of her stuff and invite a few folks over from time to time to SHOP.

She giggles - - - but hasn't taken us up on the idea yet.

I believe her antique sled coffee table was Cindy's very favorite thing.

I noticed she had a "new" antique today.

I do NOT refer to the camping lantern, the muffin tin, nor even the piano stool.

No, THIS "new" antique is found in the frame atop the piano stool.


Our last stop of the day was a nursery.

No crying here, no diapers here, not even any babies here!

Just rows and rows and rows of gorgeous plants.

Miss Cindy couldn't decide exactly which ones she wanted - - - said she needs to go home first and plan what she will put in each of her pots and beds, then she can come back with a LIST to fill, otherwise she said she will buy willy nilly.

I'm glad, 'cause it means she'll have to come back soon!!!



podso said...

Fun day and I don't see any rain. And delighted you found those egg cups, they are JUST like mine. If I ever see more I'll get em for you!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

hehehehe Miss Keetha!
There is one problem here, there are no pics of you and I!
What the hey, we need to fix that next time!
What a great day!
Thank-you for being the hostess with the and Greg rock!
Can't wait for our next adventure!
Big Hugs,

Pam said...

I'm a little worried: was Greg's food safe to eat by the time you finished your Tour de Rapids and took his lunch home to him?

Pam said...

Didn't Dad use his stylus somehow in the bulletin printing process? The sight of it did bring back memories of his little study at the back of the Hayward church.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I too would love to visit Eloise's home.
Absolutely amazing! So glad Cindy came to visit with you.

Keetha Broyles said...

Debby@Just Breathe says:

Sounds like a perfect day. I too would love to visit Eloise's home.
Absolutely amazing! So glad Cindy came to visit with you.

Ann in the UP said...

Fun, fun, fun!