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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Season That Falls Between Winter and Summer - - - In My City


Even here, on the "Frozen Tundra" of Central Wisconsin, the season that falls between winter and summer has finally begun to arrive!

In my city, Wisconsin Rapids, the signs of new life are everywhere. The grass is greening - - - the buds are budding - - -

And Fisherhubby is mowing. Fisherhubby LOVES to mow, but unfortunatly mowing was furnished as part of our rent for this duplex.

I was living with one very sad puppy of a man. The weeds in the yard (look up there, you'll see there are LOTS of those) were driving him crazy. He was ITCHING (sign of the season that falls between winter and summer) to get out there and do his lawn magic.

Those of you who know us well will see how much better the NEIGHBOR'S lawn is than ours, and you will KNOW this was like a slap in the face to the man who has been known for his perfect lawns.

This week the landlords gave us permission to take over the yard work.

Much joy and exuberance and a spring in Fisherhubby's step!!!

Later in the summer I'll show you the difference hubby will have wrought on our yard.

Another seasonal sign in my city is the blooming of the Hopa Crabapple Trees. These were planted all over town and along the river back in the 60's. There were many many more of them in the day when I was growing up here - - - thankfully there are still enough of them left to splash fuschia and pink all around town.

Before the flower buds open they are a dark fuschia color.

As they open they fade out to a paler pink.

Years ago there was even a Hopa Festival here. Sadly, that went by some wayside along the way.

When all the Hopa blooms fade to a pale pink, and after all those pink petals rain to the ground - - -

Tiny tart Hopa Crabapples will form in their place.

During this seasonal change in my city there are other flowering trees. I don't know the names of any of them, but my eyes soak up the beauty of their blooms.

Today I discovered THIS surprise! The fence row of bushes that I thought were NOT lilacs ARE!!!

I don't know HOW I was fooled - - - for lilacs are my favorite and I know the shape of their leaves well. I walked out to the fence row last fall when we were moving in, and the few remaining leaves did not look like lilac leaves to me. So imagine my surprise when I looked out today and noticed the blooms getting ready to open.

These will be gorgeous and smell even "gorgeouser" in a few days.

Another sign here on the Frozen Tundra of the season that falls between winter and summer is the return of our summer birds.

We are so enjoying Mr. and Mrs. Baltimore Oriole when they visit our yard.

And the robins that nested on top of our patio light have hatched out their brood.

I had to hold my camera up over my head to capture this shot - - - I was excited to see three little beaks in the bunch!

Later in the day I took another "over my head" photo and THIS time I spied four little beaks and one unhatched egg!

Mama Robin was not too happy about my photography skills.

And that is my story of the advent of the season that falls between winter and summer in my city.

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Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

enjoyed to tour around town. glad it is finally getting warmer for you, my cousin lives in MI and it is the same for her..her crab apple is blooming now. Have a great Sunday!

Tara R. said...

The Crabapple and Hopa trees are gorgeous in bloom. Good to hear the frozen tundra has finally begun to thaw. Enjoy your 'season that falls between winter and summer.'

Ann in the UP said...

It is really, finally here---that unnamed season----and I think I'll take a spin to look for wildflowers. Maybe I can take some trillium pictures.

I love the crabapple trees!!! My neighbors apples and plum trees are blooming and we have lots of bumblebees. And hummingbirds.

Happy Pre-summer. (It's overcast and foggy here on Sunday morning.)

Unknown said...

I am so glad it came to you : ) Finally! LOVE the little beaks. Hilarious about the mother.

I am glad your husband likes to mow. I know he will transform it!

Molly said...

Wow, great pictures of the chicks....there are blue tits nesting in the box on the wall in my neighbours garden but I have yet to get a picture of mum and dad flitting in and out.


LV said...

Even with the sever cold winters there, if you wait long enough the beauty comes through. These trees are gorgeous. I am like Fisherman, I enjoy doing my own yard.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your little city has beautiful blooms! I love the look of the Hopa tree and enjoyed learning about them. Too hot here for Lilacs so you are indeed lucky to have them blooming so close. Enjoy your Spring.

urban muser said...

we had one of those beautiful trees in my front yard when i was young. loved the flowers, hated those little apples when they fell to the ground and we had to pick them all up!

Lori E said...

Our local weather woman has named this season Sprinter because of our lousy weather this year.
A cross between Spring and Winter. One or two days of warm sun and the rest rain. Ugh.
Don't you love finding surprises in a garden.
How sweet are those little babies.

Sandy said...

Beautiful to see the color again...Ours has long been gone...But thanks to all of you tundra and PACNW blogs, I can see the blossoms all over without the allergies that sometime come with them...I love lilacs and I finally have a bush in my yard...Second year and it hasn't died yet...I hope I can keep up taking care of it so I can have more flowers next spring. When hour hubby gets done with your yard, I need him here to do our jungle..Oh, my!!!

★Carol★ said...

I love it. "The season that falls between winter and summer"! So you just confirmed what I've been told all along. There are only two seasons Up North!

Amy DM said...

Spring! How fun. Those were great shots--especially those with the birds.

Unknown said...

Those blossoms are so cheerful - the baby birds too :) Have a beautiful day!

Pam said...

Looking at your first pic, before reading any of your writing, I did a double take and thought, "That's GREG!" Next thought, "Bet he can't stand that his yard looks so much worse than the one next door." So glad he has a yard to nurture again; he'll have it in tiptop shape in no time - although that Rapids' soil is a different brew than Indiana's.

42N said...

These are really nice to see as Spring unfolds in your next of the woods. We are under a tornado warning at the moment as a line of tstorms develop and move thru. Its that time of year!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I love the bloomin' trees in the Midwest. After such a long winter and what seems like an even longer post-winter-why-isn't-it-getting-any-warmer season, the trees blooming, the tulips and daffodils blooming, the lilacs and the many other beautiful, showy displays are just wonderful.

It's too bad that the festival is no more, but the trees sure are pretty.

Those sleepy looking babies are a joy! Thanks for getting the shot for us.

Claudya Martinez said...

Those crabapple trees are stunningly beautiful.

Anika said...

It's always so amazing to me how the seasons fall in the US. Such a pretty tree...and those birds!! Aaaaa!! Too cute.

Erin said...

It's about time Spring arrived! Fisherhubby cracks me up - glad to GET to mow his yard. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you came to visit me. I was not enjoying any blog visits today. I have been trouble shooting a frustratingly slow computer. Your post prompted me to look out my window and check the blossoms on my crabapple tree. Still not abundant, but those there need to be appreciated. Now I will get up and go check the lilacs. We lost one birds nest in weekend winds and rain.
OK- I have been cheating and skimming your other recent posts. After I take my quick outdoor break I have more FUN reading to do.

Anonymous said...

The crabapple blossom is amazing. I want to be lying in the lush green grass of the 'season between winter and summer' with crabapple blossoms raining down. Instead I sit at home in the cold with sick snuffly kids.
Enjoy your in-between season. said...

Love those pink, pink trees.
I'm sorry I missed SIMC this week, but visits here are always fun.