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Friday, May 20, 2011

And Then a Hovering UFO Dropped This Off! (AKA Mrs. B Got a "D")


If you are looking for someone who is all up and with-it technology-wise, I am NOT your gal.

My cell phone is the 4 or 5 year old basic can't-do-anything-but-make-a-call phone. It does, however, have lovely bling.

I NEVER use my upgrades at Verizon - - - I give them to Fisherhubby and College Boy Son.

I am quite content to plod along with my 15th Century gizmos, TYVM. I am hoping to master fire and the wheel soon.

So what in the WORLD am I doing with THIS??? (You may well ask!!)

No - - - it is NOT a wallet of some kind. Nor is it a day-planner, though I will tell you it could be used as a DANDY day-planner.

No, THIS my friends, is a Droid. Henceforth to be known as "D".

I thought droids were alien robot creatures from outer space - - - but if so, one has landed right on my dining room table.

And it has MY name on it.

I will spare you the lengthy tale of how and why I was convinced to get it. Suffice it to say - - - it came home with me last night.

It does not send phone calls - - - but it will do e-mail and blogging.


That could well be a CLUE as to how I was convinced I NEEDED it.

I can barely turn it on.

It is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY smarter than I, and I don't know if I shall EVER figure it all out.

My fat fingers push about three letters on the touch screen at a time - - - - but I have a SOLUTION for that problem:

A keyboard "dock" that WILL travel with "D" and me where ever we may roam.

A few of you who left me comments yesterday afternoon and evening, or sent e-mails got your answers from me actually USING this thing.

Maybe there is hope for me - - -

Maybe I will learn how to zip around on this new technology.

Maybe in a few weeks I will wonder what I EVER did without it.

But - - - please don't hold your breath.

No Kyle, College Boy Son, you may NOT have it.



Lynn said...

Oh, Maaan, are you ever brave! I still plod along with the basics. I don't even Tweet. (unless I am talking to a bird)

Cass @ That Old House said...

Whoa BABY! You've gone all slick and 21st Century on us!

A Droid? Yikes. I, too, have a granny phone, as my kids call it - makes phone calls. (Silly me thinks that's what a phone should do.)

I have a laptop with whom I have still not become bosom buddies; it keeps doing random things that I suspect are MY fault but I won't admit that to anyone.

So let me know how the Droid works out with that docky thingy.

What do the bears think of it?

From the Kitchen said...

Uh, I'm still figuring out my desktop Apple (and it's two years old), don't even turn on my four year old cell phone unless I find myself alone in a dark alley and need to make a call and hardly have a clue as to how to reset the microwave clock. I do, however, think the word Droid has a nice ring to it (even if it doesn't make phone calls).



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Good for you! I am not techie either but keep trying to learn new things...hoping it will keep me young.

podso said...

GOOD FOR YOU !! Just think of all the brain cells you are refurbishing by trying something new! My DIL loves hers ... she's always looking something up on it. Hubby says next time we trade in our phones it will be something more like this ...

And I've even seen a "dock" for the i phone which will put your whole phone on a larger screen--I fear folks who spend so much time on their iphones will get near sighted, or is it far sighted? Anyway, I guess someone is figuring that out and has invented yet another piece of technology!

Have a good weekend, and you "go girl."

Anonymous said...

What a cute post. I sure am proud of you and I hope you come to love it. Have a grand weekend.

Martin LaBar said...

15th century? I don't have a smartphone yet. Oh, well.

shannon i olson said...

cool! I want one~ I do have a smart phone and it is smarter than me too. This looks like lots of fun is it like their version of ipad?

LV said...

Good luck! You are braver than me. I do not even have a cell phone. I am not technically inclined. This sounds like a neat device if you can figure it out. Being a teacher, you will get the hang of it. I am not even familiar with what you are trying to use.

Keri said...

Does this mean I get Dad's Blackberry?!?! :)

Rebecca said...

We only got call waiting on our land line the day before yesterday. So yeah, we are totally NOT up with the up and up on the current times are we?!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Oh goodness! I love it! You will need to be sure and update often on your progress. That keyboard will have you falling in love. :)


Sandy said...

UMMMMM!!! I am so old fashioned..Still send notes and cards via old stamp and mail way.
Very not with all the technology. Maybe tomorrow I will try something new...
Glad to see you doing what I am afraid to try.

Tonja said...

My newest cell phone is a Droid. And, I really do like it. It is not too difficult to use. I just have to take it slow and learn one new concept a week and practice that before I go on to the next. I have not seen this Droid, of which you speak. However, I shall be on the lookout for it. I like things to coordinate, so I probably should have one. Don't ya know they would look better together. However, my son, who works with a nation wide graphic design company, just ordered me a new apple computer. I have never paid such an exhorbitant amount for my computers, but he said it was what I needed. If I wasn't so technically challenged, I know what I needed for myself. But, I don't see that happening in the near future!

Ann in the UP said...

Ohhhh, now I see! I can't even use all the things my Tracfone will do, and I accumulate hours of time on it because nobody calls me on it. I am sure you will find many reasons to love your Droid. It will be like "computers in the home". The early computer guys said there wouldn't be any use for them in a home. Phhht.

Vickie said...

I'm in shock! So does this mean you might text me?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

My phone makes calls and I can text! I am impressed, good for you. I have my netbook for travel which is fine for now.

Anonymous said...

Learn it well so that when I inherit my son's (as that is how I get all my techie gadgets. He updates and mom inherits.) I will be able to ask you for hints and help. But I do need to ask why does it not send phone calls?
I still have not figured out the camera on my last inherited phone.

I can't find my blog said...

Fun! Have you figured it out yet?

I have a Droid phone and I LOVE it.