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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Grans go to "Consin"


Let me register ONE MORE VOICE of irritation at Blogger for whatever they were doing yesterday to "fix" things - - - they sure did "fix" them.

Fixed a bunch of the comments on my previous post right into cyberspace where I may NEVER see them again.

Fixed THIS post right off of my dashboard where it was waiting for me to add "enthralling prose." I thought it was lost in the far reaches of the galaxy forever.

Low and Behold, tonight it resurfaced OUT of the distant universe and I can now add that prose that you are all just waiting on pins and needles at the edges of your seats to read.

As if!

Tuesday we traveled through Chicago into northern Indiana.

Fisherhubby made a "snack run" at a gas station and came out with THIS, which I thought looked suspiciously like a skinny poo.

Yes that IS my ULTRA WHITE foot up on the dashboard. Folks, when your skin can't see the light of day for months and months on the Frozen Tundra WHITE happens. Deal with it. ;-)

In Indiana we met up with our oldest, her hubby, and two of our grans. After eating supper with us, mommy and daddy turned around and headed back to their home. The grans stayed with us over night in a hotel.

Hotel = swimming pool to the grans. So, after dinner we suited up, including these cute little floaty contraptions. What will they think of next, and WHY didn't they invent these for MY children back in the day???

Mackinley catching a breath.

Piper telling a tale.

Piper and Kamma spent a good bit of time in the pool, but Mackinley and Papoo opted for the WARMER hot tub. It was plenty big enough for toddler "swimming."

Then it was time to snuggle down in the big comfy bed.

Don't let the "angelic" sleeping look on Mackinley's face fool you - - -

He was not asleep, nor even really resting - - - though SOMEONE ELSE was.

I guess all that soaking in the hot tub wore the SOMEONE ELSE out.

The next morning the kids enjoyed waffles for breakfast.

Firefighters staying in the same hotel gave them each a big red fireman patch.

Papoo and Kamma had eggs and bacon instead of waffle - - - well, I believe Papoo had eggs, bacon AND waffle if the truth be told.

Then we loaded up in the car and headed to "Consin" as Miss Piper calls our state. She was a happy little camper with a movie for entertainment - - - - and Kamma's neck pillow to hug.

We thought Mackinley, being five, would enjoy the sights and sounds of Chicago - - - being the first really big city he could ever remember seeing. He would give each new sight a cursory glance because - - -

He found "Angry Birds" on Papoo's i-pad a much MORE interesting view!!

We also stopped in the Des Plaines Oasis so the kids could experience standing over and looking down on the I-90 traffic.

They found the fact that there was a McDonalds in the oasis much MORE interesting than the cars and trucks rumbling below them.

Then we loaded back into the car and headed off into the wild blue yonder of "Consin."



Rebecca said...

Just cause you talk about the grandkids a lot, I read that being called grandma is no longer cool, more modern grandmas are called 'glam-mas' As in glamorous grandmas.

Misti said...

Oh my goodness - Piper looks like she is about to catch up to Mack in height and her Momma in beauty!

Misti said...

PS: Still Pam on Misti's computer

Unknown said...

What a joy those wee ones are. I am soooo looking forward to being a Grammy!!! :)

I love your story below... My hubs was actually indigent last Sunday because I had changed handbags and his glasses wouldn't fit! Sigh! I woman's work is never done! :) LOL!

Have a great weekend!

Ann in the UP said...

I agree with Pam. Piper is really growing up fast. She doesn't look like a wee one any more. And her hair is so pretty as it grows longer. And that mischief maker Mac is his same mischief maker self.

Thanks for all the pictures. What IS that snack???

Jaena said...

When you bring those children back to Indiana, we should get a group together at La Cha's for a quick reunion.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Well now you sure have adorable grandkids! What fun.
and I LOVE the Carmen Miranda swimmies. Very chic. and floatable.
Enjoy the trip!
Are we there yet?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Awesome, how long will you have them? Enjoy! I agree, those swim things would have been awesome years ago!

Anonymous said...

what fun for both of you (all of you)
the beef jerkey looked so yumeeee
i had problems with blogging too

Keri said...

The "floaties" they're using are called Puddle Jumpers...and they're coastguard approved! :) They are FABULOUS, swimming is fun for all of us because the kiddos can swim on their own.

Kristin - The Goat said...

That Piper is a regular kid now! LOL It's amazing how one minute they are a baby and the next they are a kid.

I have always liked stopping at that Oasis. I could stand and look at the cars for hours - but that's probably because we are a Burger King family and wouldn't probably eat at the McDs. hee hee