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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Evidence That the Ever Elusive "Sp" Season is Finally Arriving on the Frozen Tundra


Being a "scientist" I'm all about collecting data (evidence from observations) to support or refute my hypotheses. (That's not a typo - - - it's the plural, I'm just sayin')

In THIS case, I'm intentionally indulging in "bad" science 'cause I'm looking for evidence to SUPPORT my hypothesis that the "sp" (remember - - - we do NOT say the word for fear of calling down more s _ _ _ on our heads, which did happen as recently as TUESDAY past, I blame Fisherhubby who INSISTS on saying "sp _ _ _ _" AND "s _ _ _") season is actually arriving on the Frozen Tundra.

Here's the evidence so far, look it over carefully and then either throw out my hypothesis and force me to start over if the evidence does not support the hypothesis, OR transform my hypothesis into a THEORY that the "sp" season is actually here if the evidence supports the hypothesis.

Observation 1:

We have buddage which has actually begun to grow into leafage!!!! These tiny leaflets are on a shrub in front of our house.

Observation 2:

Splashes of yellow adorn our front yard.

Upon CLOSER investigation and observation, I have determined based upon the flower parts, leaf shapes, and vascular tissue of the leaves that the splashes of yellow are caused by Taraxacum officinale, which is of course, what you and I commonly call a DANDELION!!!

Dear bloggy friends, it has been YEARS AND YEARS since I've seen this many Taraxacum officinales in OUR yard since Fisherhubby is one of those men who goes CRAZY over his yard and NO self-respecting dandelion DARE show its head in a yard over which HE is in charge. But alas and alack - - - in his opinion - - - he is NOT in charge of THIS yard.

I must confess, I am rather enjoying the little lions.


Observation 3:

I am using THIS mug because the outdoors is so "sp" seasony that I just cant' HELP myself.

Observation 4:

These items were purchased for our yard.

Mother's Day was ALWAYS the day the hummingbirds returned to our yard in Indiana - - - the lower state, you could set your calendar by it! True, they may be a BIT delayed on the Frozen Tundra, but one has to be READY, no?

And right next to the hummingbird feeders were the oriole feeders. We've never HAD orioles on any kind of a regular basis in ANY of our yards - - - but we're going to do our BEST to lure them here.

We had lots of bluebirds in the lower state, so we got a house to try to attract them here too. Fisherhubby has seen a couple in the area, and if they are looking for a home we certainly would like to PROVIDE it.

Observation 5:

Fisherhubby hung up the "O" and "H" feeders.

Hmmmmm - - - I don't see the bluebird house out there yet - - - I believe his NAP interfered with THAT installation off for a bit.

Observation 6:

My potted tulips and hyacinths which hithertofore were just masses of buds are in full flower, having managed to survive about 10 freezes since I put them out in the driveway.

Observation 7:

My computer weather bug is predicting a warm up - - - three days in a row of highs in the 70'S!!!!


I was SO inspired by this I carted my WINTER clothes down to storage in the lower regions of our abode and brought up my capris and flip-flops.

Which brings me at long last to

Observation 8:

I painted my toe nails, put on a pair of flip flops and some capris to go out and ENJOY the gorgeous sunshine and 70 degree Mother's Day afternoon - - - -

And the moment I did, the sun went behind a bank of clouds and hasn't shown his face since.

Ah - - - but it's still 64 and I have HOPE.



Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I am so happy about the SP----, that I could do a happy little dance! Actually, I think I did! LOL.
Dan and I saw our first hummingbird today!!!
Cute flip-flops and nail polish too!

lilmomma said...

Ooooh! Lovely flowers! And a happy mother's day to you, who treated all her students as children.

Ann in the UP said...

In the past, we have never seen a hummingbird before May 20th, but I do believe I'll go buy me some new hummer feeders ASAP. I'm eager to see them again!

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day, too.

Tonja said...

I concur with your observations, Professor. And, while these are all excellent signs of impending spring, I have one hard and fast fact...irrefutable, even...that will convince even you.

Down here in the southernmost regions of these states that are united...spring sprang sooner than usual. Therefore, it also flew away fast and furiously. I know this to be true because in the week to come...summer will surreptitiously slip into place...with temperatures forcast for 97 and 96 degrees!
So what is splendid spring supposed to do? Why, GO NORTH, of course!

See? Perfect reasoning, if I do say so myself!

Cute toes, by the way!

Rebecca said...

Aaahhhh, last week our furnace was kicking on and this week, we will likely turn on the air conditioner. It's predicted to be in the upper 80's and 90's this week. We only get crack of your butt cold and crack of your butt hot weather here. We don't get that sp season or the fa season.

Anonymous said...

I think them ducks like all that water!

Terra said...

Your optimism is very cute, and how you painted your toenails and put on your capris. I will not say that word that you are avoiding. LOL

Traci Marie Wolf said...

I love your blog and happy based on all of your work (collecting data) that I will side with you on your hypothesis that it is indeed Sp. Every good scientist knows that this could change any minute and we could collectively decide Sp. has a different definition this year.

Lynette Killam said...

I so enjoyed this post your scientific approach...LOL! We're having a late sp---- here, way more rain and cold days than we should have in Vancouver in May. I had to wear a winter coat to walk the dog today, unheard of for us at this time of year. However, buds are bursting, the world is getting greener, and I believe we'll have the true sp---- arrive soon.

I like your painted toenails and thongs...I'll dig my own sandals out in the morning...that will change the weather, I'm sure...:)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well the painted toe nails and sandels says it all! What a difference from all the snow, enjoy!